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[Doom 1993 года] is a controversial, hyper-violent, scary, funny and addicting game that manages to be selflessly dumb and extraordinarily smart at the same time. In addition, it has a machine gun – what more could you want?

Dan Pinchbeck, author of Dear Esther

Bethesda did not show anything exclusive: it brought to IgroMir the same demo version of DOOM Eternal that the world saw at QuakeCon. Our site has already published material about it, and having tested the demo personally, I can only agree with Maxim Solodilov: this is the good old Doom, selflessly stupid, extraordinarily smart … and at the same time damn fast.

Run Like Hell

“We wanted to add dash to the game” is how id Software representatives begin the story of the differences between the new DOOM and its predecessor. Having learned how to make jerks, the Executioner of Doom became so fast that none of the demons could catch up with him, and the developers had to not only increase the speed of the monsters, but also add new enemies. In addition to old acquaintances in the demo, our hero is opposed by improved Hell Knights who can teleport, flying demons and Skeletons – small Mancubuses on spider legs, placing walls on the arenas.

The balance changes resulted in the fact that instead of the usual “dash”, the Executioner of Doom turned out to be a double one. It took me a while to get used to having the new button: after playing the demo for half an hour, I can confidently conclude that DOOM Eternal is the fastest single-player first-person shooter I’ve ever played. If the previous DOOM was fast, like John Carmack’s Ferrari, then in the sequel, the race car seemed to have a turbocharger installed.

If there is a Skeleton in the arena, then the right to use the rocket launcher will still have to be earned, the developers say: the risk of hitting the wall and injuring yourself with an explosive wave is too great.

No cover. Be a man

In total, we have: double jump, double dash, spinning on pipes, pulling up on platforms, climbing some walls, portals, a grappling hook on a double-barreled shotgun and trampoline platforms from Quake III. The Executioner of Doom has learned to overcome gigantic distances without touching the ground, and in the corridors of the last part, he would now be cramped. Therefore, the action of Eternal almost all the time takes place in open arenas – sometimes even in outer space, where exploding barrels levitate in weightlessness. “We thought: why not add exploding barrels to space? developers laugh. And added!

One of the arenas in the demo was an archipelago of tiny floating islands, just like Xen from Half-Life. On an area the size of a handkerchief, there is nowhere to hide from enemies – all that remains is to jump from one island to another. Fortunately, falling into the abyss now does not kill (only takes away some health and teleports to the nearest platform), but on the islands themselves, force field generators are scattered everywhere, which cause damage if you do not have time to run out of the affected area. “In DOOM 2016, this would be a normal corridor,” the authors of the game say. But now, in the sequel, the main tactical task of the infinitely mobile player should be to find room to maneuver. Stopping is tantamount to death: if you stop moving, health will end in two seconds.

DOOM Eternal game preview

Yes, you can jump to this island. Hidden above, below, and in between are tons of secret areas – DOOM Eternal is true to tradition.

His reward is bloodshed.

All weapons from the previous game are in place and in the new one, only the Gauss cannon was renamed the ballista. The demo only didn’t have BFG, but it’s probably not worth worrying about its presence in the finished game: what is DOOM without BFG? The Crucible, shown in the trailers, was also not included in the assembly for IgroMir, but there was a blood punch – a powerful punch with a rollback of a few seconds.

In close combat, the Executioner of Doom is much more powerful than before, but not only due to the new skill. The sleeves of the Praetorian Armor now have retractable blades, and a flamethrower similar to the Revenant’s cannon protrudes from its left shoulder. And if the function of the blades is rather aesthetic, then the second device brings tactical innovations to the game: it does little damage, but if you set fire to the enemy with it, several fragments of armor will fall out of it, which is needed here like air.

Armed with a pair of blades, the Executioner of Doom was not averse to picking up some spectacular finishing moves from Blood Rain. However, there is especially no time to admire cruel animations – at this time you need to plan your actions for the next couple of seconds.

The second concern of the player in DOOM Eternal, in addition to finding space, was resource management. Glory Kills still replenish health points, and Chainsaw Massacre still provides ammo – along with a new flamethrower that generates armor, the Doom Slayer goes on self-sufficiency. Medkits and ammo boxes are now scattered around arenas in much smaller numbers – their role is now played by weak enemies. The developers deliberately placed sluggish zombies in the corridors – by killing them in one way or another, it will be possible to replenish the stocks of the necessary resources.

It is no longer possible to stay away from enemies: cartridges will quickly run out. The game increases the level of adrenaline, by all means forcing the main character to climb into the thick of opponents – this is much more dangerous than shooting from a distance, but now there is no other way. “Every battle is a puzzle, but the solution is always the same: be aggressive,” id Software says. – Each enemy, like a chess piece, has strengths and weaknesses. DOOM Eternal is like a chess blitz: you have to think strategically to win, but there’s never time for that.”

DOOM Eternal game preview

In the comments under the video with the gameplay of the game, people often complain about what they think is too colorful interface. The developers explain the choice of gamma as follows: the player needs to perceive information as quickly as possible. Boxes with cartridges, like the guns themselves, are also painted in bright colors, so that it immediately becomes clear what corresponds to what.

Cyberdemon May Cry

During the game, I sometimes could not get rid of the feeling that Eternal resembles a slasher. The role of melee combat has increased, the character has acquired melee weapons and has become much more mobile, and each enemy requires an individual approach – only the combo counter and the third-person view are missing. There was even an analogue of the golden spheres from Devil May Cry: green helmets are scattered around the levels – “wanaps”, which instantly revive the Executioner of Doom at the place of death. I don’t know how it’s explained in terms of the plot, but who in this shooter even cares about the plot…?

“This game is hard and death is an integral part of learning,” says id. – You will have to die often, but when you die, you will always know what exactly you did wrong, and returning to the checkpoint would be too severe a punishment for a mistake. DOOM is a superhero story where you control a character of incredible power, and on top of that, we want you to feel smart all the time.”

DOOM Eternal game preview

Behind the door is a secret super-difficult arena for the smartest Executioners of Doom. To get there, you have to find a special key at the level.


Doom has been focusing on speed since 1993 – even John Carmack optimized his engine as best he could to achieve the fastest frame rendering possible. And from this point of view, Eternal was the culmination of the series. The developers say they do not understand how to play the previous part now – it seems so slow. The upcoming game feels faster than even the first installments of the franchise – in terms of dynamics, it is more like Quake III for a single player. Saying “single player” isn’t quite right, though: id has already demonstrated how players can take control of demons and invade someone else’s worlds. However, this feature was not available in the demo.

The new part of DOOM already has something to surprise, but it seems to be far from ready yet: it recently became known that the release of the game is delayed. I would like to believe that the word Eternal in its title does not refer to the duration of development, but the long-awaited date in Hell is postponed until at least March 20th.

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