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The game town in Dorfromantik is assembled according to the constructor principle: using the available hexagonal blocks, the player must build a full-fledged civilization. As the area of ​​the settlement increases, the user will build roads and railroad tracks, with which you can get to new buildings and technologies. For each discovery, the player receives development points necessary to level up and acquire new blocks.

How to build a city

To build a city, the mayor can use different types of platforms: meadow, forest, field, village, water, and railway. Moreover, each block has its own placement restrictions, which can be learned as you master the rules of the game. Also in the puzzle there are special platforms: for example, lakes or dead ends for the railway. If the blocks are successfully placed, the player can additionally receive from 10 to 60 development points.

Missions and Scenarios

The game Dorf Romantic combines the features of both an open world and a linear story. The story mode is built into the game campaigns – the user can take part in each of them. To complete the scenario, you must complete local and global tasks, access to which opens as the game level increases. Gradually developing, the head of the city will be able to build advanced buildings and improve existing blocks.

For more variety, the developers have added special tasks to the puzzle. They become available if the user places a game cell next to it. Completing special tasks will bring the player a reward in the form of a new global mission or in the form of a unique block that can be used in construction. Using the tips from the walkthrough guides, as well as relying on their strategic abilities, the user will successfully expand and develop individual biomes and the town as a whole.

Game achievements

Exciting gameplay in Dorfromantik is complemented by a rich system of achievements. Achievements are divided into two types: cumulative and special. Cumulative achievements are similar to regular missions, the essence of which is to build large biomes. In turn, special achievements greatly complicate the passage, but allow you to get additional game points.

Analogues for Android

At the moment, the Dorf Romantic puzzle cannot be installed on a phone. As a replacement, Android device owners can install a similar application: Idle Kingdom Clicker.

Idle Kingdom Clicker

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