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Dragon Blaze is an addictive role-playing game with an interesting story that will help you have fun and interesting in your free time.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
NYTCEJMHI8F August 11, 2022
B28ZQMN1EA August 29, 2022
R1LTWD2A6 August 7, 2022
492JUTIMGCV August 10, 2022
2BAMJLGZY1NO August 10, 2022
0DCOUHTKGRX July 30, 2022

You have to control your own character to discover the secret of the seven keys and save the world from destruction. Thanks to realistic graphics and colorful design, the game attracts attention from the first minute, and high-quality sound effects make it even more fun.

In the Dragon Blaze game, you can create your own squad of warriors and constantly replenish it with new comrades-in-arms. Each member of your army has unique abilities that will help you defeat the most powerful rivals.

To quickly develop your character, you can go through the quick battle mode in dungeons, getting valuable prizes, unique crafts and extra points for it. All this will help you replenish your arsenal of weapons, supplement your hero’s skills with useful skills and acquire allies who will help you fight dangerous enemies.

Dragon Blaze game is free for all Android mobile phones and tablets and supports Russian language. And true fans of the genre will be able to take advantage of additional paid content to expand their gaming experience.

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