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A crazy action game in which you will play a huge number of missions, and you will meet such great creatures as zombies, dragons and many others in these adventures. Try downloading Dragon Hills 2 for android and start this space adventure in which you will use a large arsenal of weapons and equipment to win this crazy game. You are waiting for crazy fights in the atmosphere of fantasy, and here you will have to feel the whole atmosphere in full. Engage in powerful battles against dragons, monsters and the undead until humanity is completely saved.

Dragon Hills 2
 Codes Wiki (2023 February) 1.2.0
All Codes Expiration date
BXW05PI6NYJ March 9, 2023
5LQVJ6SECN February 6, 2023
SBED15KTO February 8, 2023
L8HQFUO623N January 25, 2023
MHWLPN3R0S15 January 18, 2023
LU94JFI65GO March 11, 2023
6Q75CPNB0SA January 19, 2023
WI453LQ6MR February 7, 2023
E0TVOP2WG February 5, 2023
YDWTG0VRMJI March 5, 2023
B35OH6J1NQPX February 4, 2023
OSN68W39HY2 February 21, 2023

When you can download Dragon Hills 2 for Android, take part in the second crazy part and feel a lot of new features:

  • A huge amount of fun and dynamically developing game gameplay;
  • A huge number of cars, objects and much more that will help you get out of the situation;
  • Epic battles with crazy bosses and the opportunity to visit a huge number of different worlds;
  • Car boost system. Weapons and the characters themselves, as well as the discovery of a large number of other items;
  • Participation in the world leaderboard and rating, as well as competition with friends.

Crazy battles with monsters Crazy adventures await you in a huge fantasy world, which has dragons, monsters and many other equally epic creatures with terrible powers. You will expect an original storyline, thanks to which you can experience many dangers. Destroy anyone who gets in your way. Unlock as many new magical lands and locations as possible, filled with zombies, great heroes and a huge number of other rewards. Go out at the end of each stage to the epic bosses and engage in battle with them, and you will have to win.

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