Codes New - Updated on August 10, 2022

While traveling through the tops of ancient mountains, you stumbled upon a magical dragon egg. To keep it alive, you must keep it in the right temperature environment. The Dragon Pet game itself is reminiscent of the famous Tamagotchi game of the past. Here you also have to take care of your pet. However, the pet is not quite ordinary, it is a small dragon. Raising a dragon is fraught with various secrets and secrets. You will be invited to go through exciting adventures with him, as well as teach him all the skills that real dragons have. Do not think that the dragon is indifferent to you caring for him or not. This is not true. If something goes wrong, he can fly away, get sick or even die. After all the details of the training, you have to enter the arena of battles with other dragons and show your superiority over them. The game has the ability to improve and develop the characteristics of your pet. You can choose clothes for him or an appropriate potion that will help him in fights. If the competitive moment is important for you, then all your successes in the development of the dragon and its victories will be taken into account in the rating table, where the results of players from all over the world will be collected.

List of Codes Expiration date
69Q4SFGWK1N September 17, 2022
QSWCOAMZ0F August 20, 2022
16ZUQE95B August 11, 2022
2E1GH85AJMY September 10, 2022
4ZMKWFLUDJ0B August 14, 2022
VRKZFPG1U8L September 28, 2022

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