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Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG is a fantasy match-3 puzzle RPG that combines strategy and real-time elements. join battles in arenas and enjoy your abilities.

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG
 Promo Codes (2023 January) 0.4.3
All Codes Expiration date
PIMH0ZX4QWJ February 17, 2023
8L0HC91V2P February 9, 2023
HCEPQTZ69 February 24, 2023
T5HNUWS2QGE February 26, 2023
VFN7KIPE8LY5 February 18, 2023
56UK7DAOIHS March 2, 2023
KOAQ0W8IHVC January 20, 2023
03WUGH7YBP January 22, 2023
5HE0TBR2K January 22, 2023
XT32VEG7S50 January 3, 2023
Z5DOE321JQSF February 1, 2023
06HOG319ZF4 February 13, 2023

A brand new epic RPG in the beloved genre of three in a row. Embark on a crazy fantasy world and start building your huge empire. Collect puzzles in your favorite style. Participate in multiplayer mode and fight with your friends. It is very interesting that in this case, when competing in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG, the winner is not the one who is lucky, but the one who can achieve the best results in the puzzle. Collect epic items and materials to use to improve your powerful country. Deal powerful blows to dragons and other bosses. Learn to pick up a huge number of combinations and join forces. There are more than ten legendary arenas where you have to visit. Features of Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG

  • Epic match 3 puzzle;
  • A huge number of terrible monsters and bosses;
  • Great heroes of the universe in your collection;
  • Gorgeous 3D graphics and animation;
  • Online fights in PvP mode.

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