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Go to the world of Vikings and Dragons, where it will be very interesting for you to be every new day. Just try downloading Dragons: Rise of Berk for Android and start creating your own large-scale fantasy world. In this world, there are only Dragons, and of course, there was a frontal Burke, because of which it will be interesting for you to be in this epic world. Create your own strongest and most dangerous Dragon and make it the Champion of Burke. Capture new fantastic territories and fight other monsters. These battles will be very brutal and dangerous, so start feeling the heat.

Dragons: Rise of Berk
  MOD APK (Free Download) 1.69.6

Dare to download Dragons: Rise of Berk for Android and enjoy these original features:

  • Fantastic 3D image graphics with amazing effects;
  • A huge number of terrible dragons that have unique features and skills;
  • Multiplayer global game mode in which you can take part in battles with friends;
  • Three hundred collectible Dragons;
  • Huge open epic world that can be explored for a very long time.

Specially for Dragon Fans Fans of one of the coolest Dragons and Burke movies can find themselves inside this fantastic story atmosphere right now. Enjoy a beautiful world where all the legendary Dragons are collected and their number can exceed three hundred. Not everyone will be able to collect them all in their collection. Grow each of them to their final size and see what little dragons can turn into and what a monster they can become. Go through a huge number of story missions and enjoy the scenarios from the movie. Fantastic visual effects and soundtrack will be waiting for you everywhere.

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