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Drake n Trap is a new mobile strategy game with epic battles and colorful characters. Fight dangerous enemies by summoning units and dodging deadly blows. Avoid the traps set in the dark dungeons, defeat a variety of opponents, think over unique strategies and become more and more skilled in military affairs. Simple and convenient controls, colorful graphics, a wide selection of characters and combat tactics, a well-developed competitive system and many other advantages of the project make it very popular among modern gamers.

Drake n Trap
 Gift Codes 2022 November 1.0.21
All Codes Expiration date
MKGJEDNSIVB January 3, 2023
3LGFT8SKVR November 30, 2022
CH5P6ZFIB November 28, 2022
YECUNA2B5D3 January 4, 2023
BILX40YOA93H January 11, 2023
K2RAQ0U5M1W January 4, 2023
RQT012ISFE4 December 14, 2022
DX97YIWURQ December 4, 2022
8M07K9AVL November 28, 2022
LIZ12TFQEY3 November 29, 2022
COVI6KD23AR5 December 13, 2022
17MXFJYTLG6 December 5, 2022

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