Codes New - Updated on July 28, 2022

If you like city-building simulators, then the Dream City: Metropolis app will be a good opportunity to have a great free time. Here you have to build the city that you dreamed of and, of course, become its mayor, with all his duties and full responsibility for the fate of the city and its inhabitants.

List of Discount Codes Expiration date
IBPO6NMSGYW August 16, 2022
DP9QTLZ1OW August 31, 2022
6MLHOXYI0 September 14, 2022
AGNOBLMTP1E August 27, 2022
Q3XL6FWZUB2E September 19, 2022
SUTIWPVOH1N August 27, 2022

Build buildings, but at the same time take into account their expediency. Plan your construction so that it benefits the city. For example, residential buildings are housing for citizens, factories, this is an opportunity to produce goods and food. The amusement park brings joy to children, which means that adults are also happy. In general, everything should interact with each other as best as possible. Local sights will not interfere, which will not only please tourists, but will bring additional content to the city budget.

Do you think being the mayor, even of a small town, is easy? But try it and see for yourself how much work it can cost. Only if you are a fan of this genre, then such difficulties are probably not terrible for you. Therefore, install the Dream City: Metropolis application on your Android device, start small and show everyone that you will make an excellent mayor, who will be proud of all the inhabitants of your city!

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