Codes - Updated on August 3, 2022

Driving School 2016 app for Android is one of the best modern driving simulators. Its features and capabilities are simply amazing!

List of CodesExpiration date
Q2XPAEJHMI0September 6, 2022
CX416VSJGDSeptember 18, 2022
GIP293T7MSeptember 24, 2022
GRXQ6K8T0FWSeptember 8, 2022
KLBA0ZWS9NR6September 30, 2022
1YSUDJ53VC7August 16, 2022

You can choose a car of any size: car, truck or even a bus. Driving each of them in turn, you will experience how different the driving experience is. This realism is one of the main advantages of the application. Another strength of the game is its versatility. You can choose everything in it: the type of gearbox, one of 10 tracks and one of 50 difficulty levels. If you are an inexperienced driver, then you can first pass the test in training mode, and then increase the difficulty of the stage. For a car of each category, the corresponding rights are also needed, and if driving is unsatisfactory, the player may lose his qualification. Detailed graphics create realistic collision damage. You yourself will choose the game mode: it will be multiplayer or free.

Everything is taken into account in the application: the views that open to the driver, the interior of the cabins themselves. The soundtrack and excellent physics only enhance the enjoyment of passing through any stages of the game. Get behind the wheel, be careful, and your rights will remain with you!

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