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Protection of DMCA rights is a system so tough that even the copyright holders themselves sometimes lose control over it. A story like this is happening right now. Bungie: the company announced that a wave of content blocks on Destiny 2 inexplicably covered herself.

The bans affected prominent figures in the community: for example, sudden strikes were complained about Aztecross (593,000 YouTube subscribers) and My name is Byf (966,000 YouTube subscribers). Both release a lot of content on Destiny 2.

but Bungie writes that the blocking is unintentional, and confirms that they affected the company itself:

We are aware of a series of bans on YouTube related to copyright infringement. We are actively investigating. This also applies to content from your own channels. Bungie.

These actions are NOT on demand Bungie or its partners. Please look forward to more news.

Bungie on his official page

Bungie also left a link to the site, which explains the specifics of the treatment of intellectual property and trademarks Destiny. In short, the company writes the following: it is possible to create and post fan-made content on the game, but there are still a number of restrictions (especially on the commercial side).

To the statement Bungie arose questions from lawyer Richard Hoeg. He suspects that in order to protect their copyrights, developers Destiny hired an overzealous third-party firm, and does not understand how lockdowns can pass without requiring Bungie or its partners. In addition, Hog believes that Bungie (like many other major game companies) creates overly draconian legal conditions for content creators, where fan creations are almost never protected from the whims of copyright holders.

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