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Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG is a sought-after game on the whole front. The name of the publisher is asserting a bold impression in the eyes of fans. The time the game is on the market is not very long. But it has confirmed its position in the hearts of fans. This makes the favor of gamers even higher. Your enthusiasm for the game has reached what level. Take this survey to find out what level you are at.

Duel Heroes

What is Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG?

Summary of Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG information in this article. The first part is the main content of the game that we want to talk about. Users can better understand the publisher’s plot. The story of the ancient gods in the fantasy world. The racial wars are brewing for an even more intense day.

The rebellion of different races led to a great war. The loss of frontline warriors is the spark to light the remaining footsteps. The warriors who survived the great riots. Are the people who every night have always tried to fight them. How about you when facing such a powerful army.

Duel Heroes Mod

Basic gameplay

Duel Heroes: Magic TCG & CCG have never been difficult to play. It only takes one or two successful logins to the game. Or even just read the system’s instructions. That you can already master how to play in an extraordinary way. The qualities of leaders will be revealed at this playground. There are no constraints and pressures in the gameplay.

The quality of the squad is quite an important factor to decide victory. The gods will be recruited by you after receiving free unlocks. No need to spend a lot of time manipulating, but there are countless great gifts. Never before has a game been able to give users such great deals as this game. Pick up the phone and call your friends now.


  • Legend

Adventure with the ancient gods in this rising land. The story is still in need of a new author’s pen. You are the one chosen to write the future of this world. The green continent is waiting for you to be freed from the demon’s encirclement. Evil physical forces with a plot to destroy the inherent peace.

Hack Duel Heroes

    • Super strategy

A strong squad is never a sure thing for victory. It wouldn’t be wrong to call the game a victory or defeat based on skill. Because when you have the best tactics and reach the top. Then every lineup is ephemeral when you’re at your peak. Knowing how to combine makes the user stronger.

  • Transaction

If the card games do not have a transaction mode. Then this entertainment application has a very new update step. This also makes a plus point in the eyes of longtime gamers. This allows players to freely trade. The resource items will be exchanged through the hands of different individuals.

Do you dare to conquer the challenge that the game poses? Make yourself the king at the community playground.

Download ( V1.0.35 )
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