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Special Agent Duke Nukem was flying home to Los Angeles when his plane was suddenly shot down by aggressive aliens. Representatives of an extraterrestrial race want to kidnap all women from Earth and take them away to use them as an incubator. Now the hero will have to destroy dozens or even hundreds of aliens, protecting his home planet. With the help of various weapons and equipment, the player must escape from aliens and prevent the execution of their insidious plan.

Main and secret missions

The plot of the game consists of four episodes, conventionally divided into several short missions. In the process of completing them, the hero will have to solve puzzles, shoot with the enemy, quickly move between locations. With each new round of the plot, the player will learn more about the world in which the action takes place, as well as about the plans of alien invaders. Interesting cut-scenes accompanying the completion of each task will help in this.

In addition to the main quests in Duke Nukem 3D, secret levels are implemented – one or two per episode. To open access to them, the player must perform a certain action in a strictly designated place. Instructions for finding bonus missions can be found on the Internet.

Equipment for Duke

To complete tasks of any type, Duke will need weapons and ammunition. They can be found in the process of exploring locations. In addition, hand-to-hand combat skills are available to a special agent – they can help if weapons are lost for some reason. Also, Duke must use various equipment that will allow him to protect himself from injuries. If the hero was damaged, you can restore health with the help of a first-aid kit.

Features and Benefits

A distinctive feature of the shooter is the original style and thoughtful image of the protagonist. In the process of passing the player will often hear funny and sarcastic phrases from Duke. They made the special agent one of the most memorable characters in computer shooters, but it is not yet possible to hear the hero’s lines in the game in Russian. At the same time, the effect of immersion is created due to the first-person view and the presence of mirrors showing the reflection.

The advantages of the mobile version of Duke Nukem 3D should also include convenient controls. You can control the actions of the hero with the help of five touch buttons located on the right, and the engine on the left. To get to the settings or the pause menu, the player must click on one of the two icons that are found in the upper left corner of the display.

Additional Content

The Duke Nukem 3D shooter has an extended version – Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour. It includes the entire plot of the original game, as well as a fifth episode that complements the storyline, created by the same development team. In addition, the hero’s lines were re-recorded in the anniversary re-release, new enemies and weapons were introduced, soundtracks and lighting effects were added. The gameplay in the extended version becomes even more attractive thanks to improved 3D graphics.

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