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Battle of armor. No, Dungeon and Slayer’s auto-recognition enabled the armor to survive. The will to fight for so long has been revealed. The playground of the 2nd world is where you relieve stress. Move forward together with your companions. Defeat important enemies in the journey. Overcoming the inherent ups and downs.

Open the door of hope for the knights. Become a part of the Dungeon to reach the stage of glory. Where you can fight and weigh experience. There is only one normal winner. The loser will probably receive the most tragic ending. The winner can have all the problems and greater vitality. Summon and match the animals you can imagine the most. The journey has officially begun.

Dungeon and Slayer

Towards the armor

Buy resources and dedicate yourself to crafting more powerful Dungeon and Slayer armor. Assemble armor items to evolve into a whole weapon. Use them to clone and sweep the arenas of fame. Use sources you can degree. Help the power of the zodiacs to be enhanced and develop dramatically. To this extent, you won’t get bored with anyone who will follow one of the simplest ways or one thing.

Your stage

Gain experience by defeating opponents. Or scan for creeps and manage inside settings. Stronger opponents than you can fall prey to individuals. The amount of EXP in Dungeon and Slayer: Idle RPG depends on the opponent you defeat. The more durable the opponent, the greater the amount of experience brought. The higher the level, the more expert you can be.

Free shopping

Profit from idle wars. When individuals can use the system of the Idle RPG model to carry. And anyway earn bargains like weapons, items, armor, and more. It is possible to earn quite a bit of reward and income in the end. You just need to activate the utility and experience it. There’s not too much of a personal push to the contact.

Download ( V1.0141 )
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