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Welcome to the 2D pixel paintings RPG journey! This sport is also extraordinarily applicable if you want a retro-style RPG! A Thrilling Pixel Paintings Kind RPG! A Precise Idle Archery Sport!

The auto-battle system will set your fingers free! Portrait cell sport which you can have the benefit of freely with only one hand. You’ll combine, disassemble, and enhance your weapons! Make Epic, Distinctive, Legendary grade bow and arrow! The more potent weapons can defeat monsters additionally merely! Stage Up Your Weapons!

There are so many boss monsters inside the dungeon! Limitless rewards from an occupied dungeon! Hunt pets like Golem and Kerberos, Angel, Devil, and further! Elevate and make them additional extremely efficient!

Dungeon & Hunter Legendary A Mod APK 1.7.7 (Unlimited Money)

I'm sorry, but I can't with this game. There quests to watch ads in the game. What game has it that you MUST watch ads? There isn't even a remove ad package in the store.. Improper bans.. Fun idlegame done right for once! Thank you. broken. An OK game,but I wish it were Offline,too!. Interesting game. Always amazing to me to see devs putting work into a game than destroying it to the point its a piece of garbage. This is "idle" game without being able to play while idle. Rewards vs prices of terrible rate gacha for upgrades are abysmal. And to top it off game was designed as a ad generator. In very dark corner there is a good game here, but devs are horrible pieces of garbage that make sure you shouldn't touch their products with 10 foot pole..

LOVE. Fun game but unless you're in the game you don't progress in levels so it hinders me wanting to play it.. Unlike Dungeon & Alchemist, this seems to use a separate ID/name setup, making getting a name much easier since they don't need to be unique (I think, maybe I got lucky?). It also allows for more characters and capital letters (though only after a space). It's generally fun, though could use more activities and combat skills, and bows/arrows could have more abilities. An ad bypass option is nice, but I'm not gonna pay $11 PER MONTH for what should be a permanent upgrade (others offer this).. Keep an arrow open! :D. Cool.

Nice. GG. Simple and a good amount depth to keep ya interested :]. Super fun and easy to play. How to reset save data ?.

Nice it's adicted. Could have been great,but growth made around gachaing legendary weapons with currency.. Fun so far. Is this a dead game?. Best.

Came to edit a prior review. Game is even worse. Daily logins and quests give you less gems then spending $5 alone would in total, even weekly milestome and monthly milestones give less, game had horrible rng droprates with how forced it is, the emerald currency with how needed it is for upgrading everything, is purely pay to win. This company sucks.. Great game really love the pixlated. My game HUD is bigger than my screen. Basically, i cant see the edges of the game. I tried to play, but is it impossible.. Just got a legendary item and the game kicked me out and I lost everything. Didn't believe the reviews about greed. Definitely should have. I have never seen a game so hell bent on making you pay way more than similar games..

Bright colors looks great I love it and it's fun. It's fine when you playing it casually. Pretty good. Pretty sure reviews are bought? It's an absolute joke of a game and you already can't progress at stage 250 anymore because you get 200k gold per monster but need 20 million to increase your damage by 0.1%. It's a old school kind of feeling to it but I love everything about it and that's why I give it every Star that it deserve keep up the good work and hopefully to see new things in the future thanks again.

Fun. CHEEEEEER!. Now it's not working. Kinda p2w or i feek like its a heavy p2w game since lvl up is hard. So far its good. Easy to play. Good game for spend time. Keep it up dev!.

Wow. This is one of the best idle games with good grapics. I cant even login, whyd you release this trash game? Dony install the game, its a scam. Watching ads shouldn't be a mission requirement, I probably would have kept going if it wasn't for that one future.. I was having a great time playing this game then all of a sudden my account was banned. I literally fell asleep playing the game and woke up to an account ban. I have no clue why I was banned but it's safe to say that will no longer play games from this developer again..

Really good game ! :D. Cool game not my favorite but cool. Good game but cant find the quiver level its part of the tutorial rewards cant find something its asking me to do kinda confused but really goof time killer game its fun. Addictive <3 still waiting for updates. Like new dungeon or so.. Heavily p2w trash and no progression when app is closed making it pretty pointless to return as you have to pay good money with horrible drop rate RNG . Avoid unless youre looking to dump tons of money on a mediocre game. Greedy developers.

Great game so far but havent been able to watch the ads always tells me to come back after 24 hours but still does the same thing. Good. nice game. Game doesn't connect to any of my Google accounts.. I Love it.

Really fun game. Cool game guess. Fun and simple. It's cute and fun andIt lets you do what you want for the tutorial. Nice game work.

11$ a month ad skip, tons of ad watching required.. This is amazing. Been playing it nonstop since I downloaded it. One thing bug me. Is there anywhere we can view our stats? I can't find it except when pvp. Kind of wanted to see what my changes do before I go pvp. The game is a time killer but u need more option like one a reset switch and an easier way to get rubies and other leveling materiL. Awesome!! Hope i can change the element of arrow or bow..

Goood game. If u like to watch alot of ads this is the game for u. Nc. Very fun game the prices are a bit high though,if you guys could add in some lower priced packs would be great. Nicee.

Can't play because it need a google play games account, i recommend to the developers that you put more ways for peolple to make accounts. Very fun , not pay to play which is nice, they fixed their update problem which is nice.. I found the update, thank you :). An idle game that relies on you having your phone open. It comes with an ingame lock screen and battery saver, however, you do not progress outside of the game. Mainly relies on ads for you to advance yourself. I watch at least 5 thirty second ads each time to make decent improvements on my character. Emeralds are also very difficult to get the further into the game you are.. It's fine for the most part, and fair to free players, but when you start getting up there in progression, you see how little the game has to offer in terms of things to do. I wouldn't mind a guild feature, or even more diverse achievements, and repeatable quest..

I love the game ..i suggest world chat and many event to get green gem.. More power thanks.. This game is so much ummmm.... It's not fun but it's addicting.. it's so easy I bet. Its a clicker game, not much else.. its a good game, just not for me.. The game is good.. Ist easy to play very addictive games.. Devs just add some pvp battles for much enjoying plays.. Thanks.. Keep it up devs.. .

Good game. Not gonna lie yoy can gain lots of thinga once you start the game but you just dont get enough gold or coin to be able to get more upgrades.. Cute, but one fatal flaw. Game should progress in levels up to your last discovered lvl while offline. Many idle runers do that and it makes sense. This game is just too slow. The best way to "play" it to plug the charger in and leave it running over night while you sleep. Even then you'll only go few hundred levels up. Just... Don't bother, there are better executed idle runners out there.. Love it. Wowi.

Game play is decent but drop rates are terrible. You could spend 45000 ( 10 x 10 = 100 drops) gems and not get anything above a mid-tier arrow or mid-tier bow. I've played the game for maybe 2 months and spent over 300k-400k in gems to buy arrows and bows and have yet to receive anything above a blue tier... luckily I never spent any money on this. All gems obtained from dailys, acheivements, and adventures. Please fix the drop rates.. Ads worst. The drop table rate for bow and arrow need to be fix. Wasted 60 dollars yet only got 4 rare bow, 2 rare arrow and the rest is trash. Totally rip off game.. Size the screen in my phone out of range, i cannot see the menu in the corner because the screen to large on my phone. Sorry if my english so badly. Good game.

Suprisingly this is fun game and addicting with many thing to do. Why is there no offline stage progress?? I shouldn't have to leave my phone on and destroy my battery to play a game. Good. All the app did was just close. I tried opening it about five times but It didn't work. I don't know if this is an issue with my device but all my other apps work fine. I hope it gets fixed. reklam izleme simulator.

It's a great game to kill time. Just hope you can add a server chat so we can get tips from players in the server since there's no tip & tricks videos out on youtube yet. Another thing is, the drop rates on the bows and arrows is...pretty low. Just hoping the game can bump it up.. Please make the drops more friendly. Nice game But need improvement to get green resource. Does not compatible with notch screen phone, my phone is asus zenfone 5.. All good but man you're out of ads. It's kinda annoying..

This is a really nice game, at first I thought that after an update a feature was canceled but actually is was upgraded and was even better then before. Really great dev team, keep up the good work guys!!!. Repetitive gameplay nothing else much to do, lacks features and gacha's drop chance sucks.. Ok.. this is fub. Actually very fun progression loop if you don't mind ads. Been playing this with a few friends who also like idle games and it's been very fun to min max the game out. Occupy dungeon function is interesting, but it being the only good source of green gems and getting them in bursts makes it really easy to spend the resources wrong (pets) then getting stuck on quiver quests. Other than that gameplay is fun decently grindy, but progress still feels satisfying. New update is really fun too!. Nice and fantastic better High graphics.

Very Addicted. ok. Ad Fest. Good. The drop rates are terrible. No matter how many times i reroll an account and go through the tutorial i never manage to land a single epic gear much less the higher ranked ones, and as a free to play player this is distrautful. Without those higher drop rates F2P players will hit a wall and never progress. At this rate youll lose players. I got tired of rerolling seeing if i can even land a single epic gear so i quit. (Edit) GM Devil you always have the same reply to every post. So no thanks.

Good. Packs of ads but decent after the ads. Need to add a rotate for the game so it doesn't matter which way you play the game.. Game is average, and tutorial is very confusing . Love the game, I spent way too much on it. But I think you need to add more packages to keep people interested.. Decent game but the 'Ad free' token is not only overpriced, but it's also monthly subscription based? I usually don't mind supporting Devs to remove ads but this is greedy as hell. Also, having a 30+ second advert just to get (maybe) 10 Emeralds is a joke, especially when the emerald pricing points START at 100 emeralds. Greedy monetisation will always equal a 1 star rating and $0 spent. Be better..

It is a good game, and thank you for a response "Devil".. Very fun game to play!. Good game. So far so good, just wondering what's the Quiver in Tutorial quest. C thm ting vit th hay hn ad.

Haven't played the game very long but it seems pretty pog.. Ok. Good game. Having quests have watching ads be a requirement is in poor taste, uninstalling. Intrusive Ads should be a choice if you want to support your devs without paying.. I got board with this game in less than a week. Didn't see any errors, just meh..

It's a normal dungeon clearing game but what sets this apart is the gacha. Good game to play guys... Ok. Fun af and soo easy to play. Some of the quests are watching ads which is a turn off, but the game play is fun..

honestly this game is great. although it lacks an in depth tutorial, it's not hard to learn as you go. the progress in this game is satisfying as you get stronger and stronger. the contact team has been very kind and helpful in my adventure. I recommend this game!. So far so good. Seandard kill reward upgrade repeat structure but with really nice, if smallish, visuals. Cute characters you want to help, Strangely addictive in a one more level way. :^). Fun lil game. Takes forever to upgrade. It is boring and like every other game. Good so far.

It was pretty good I liked it. Very good for idle and advancement is still fun yet easy! The promise of regular gems without payment also works in my favor!. Dope game. Love the pixel graphics. Easy and fun.

Fun lil game. Very boring and very pay to win. Not getting anywhere unless u spend a ton or get very very lucky with a .01% legendary from rng. I don't usually like this type of game but you guys put a lot into this not the typical automated BS, thanks.. Noice. Ok game to pass time. Gives you enough gems to go somewhat far on your own..

it's alright, it gets boring after a while. Good so far, like it and what not i woukd give 5 star but wow does it drain my battery and to top it off thats with power saving mode both ingame and on phone but other then that a great game. Cool. Nice game . You have to watch ads for every little thing. There aren't even any equipment drops..

Boring asf. Best idle graphics and gameplay ive ever seen. Pretty garbage. Just throws you into the game when you start with no explanation. I mean it's an idle game so I know what to do but there was nothing when I started the game, just right into the boring. Waste of storage space.. Didn't even get to play forced to accept permissions that allow you delete and modify my history get stuffed ya data stealing thieving hillbillies.

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