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Many Dungeon Madness fans have been looking forward to the release of the second part of their favorite game. And finally, the expectations of the army of fans were rewarded with the release of the Dungeon Madness 2 application. And I must say that the hopes were justified. The famous pixel toy will please us again with its fascinating story. However, there are some innovations, and for many they have become cardinal, but you should not be upset, because this did not make the game worse at all, but, on the contrary, sparkled with new colors.

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What is the main change in the game had to see her fans? We are talking about the central character, which now will not be the one everyone is used to. From now on, the main character is a rather powerful and at the same time kind wizard who will oppose another threat to the world.

Evil threatens the planet again, and the wizard will have to go down into the deep dungeons, because it is there that the lair of evil is located, already planning its black deeds. To prevent them from being realized, the character under your control will confront him alone. However, in addition to the fact that the hero has considerable magical power, he also has a fairly powerful weapon, which will definitely come in handy in difficult situations.

You have to go through more than 50 dungeons, fight many bosses, orcs, goblins and other monsters. You will be able to improve your own skills and get the ability to teleport to your base, wherever you are. A small minus is the lack of the Russian language. On the other hand, if you are a fan of Dungeon Madness and Dungeon Madness 2, then this problem will not seem significant to you at all, and as for other shortcomings, you simply will not find them in this game!

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