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Some time ago, a serious struggle for the legacy of Dungeon Keeper unfolded – one game after another came out that claimed the title of guardian of the traditions of the main Dungeon Keeper simulator. It is clear that none of them could repeat the same success, and the first Dungeons from Realmforge Studios also received its dose of rotten tomatoes. With the second part, things were better, but neither she, nor War for the Overworld, nor Impire still failed to fully convey the same spirit and the same depth that are characteristic of the creations of Peter Molyneux (Peter Molyneux) and Bullfrog Productions.

Apparently, resigned to the futility of these attempts, almost everyone stopped repeating them – only the Dungeons series remained. Therefore, many were waiting for its third part with thoughts in the spirit of “There are fish for lack of fish and cancer” (if they waited at all). However, as it turned out, the game is good in itself – especially if you do not compare it harshly and directly with Dungeon Keeper.

Dungeons 3 game review

In addition to the plot, there is multiplayer and several variants of “skirmish”.

According to the covenants, but in their own way

Naturally, Dungeons III is still largely similar to the legendary dilogy from Peter Molyneux. We rebuild and defend our own “evil” dungeon, where good heroes periodically appear, set traps on them and set various demons, orcs, goblins and skeletons.

But they will not join our army of darkness until we give in to the cuffs with the famous hand of evil to our small workers, so that they quickly dig tunnels in search of gold and build the necessary rooms. After all, our wards need to eat, rest, get paid (otherwise they will go on strike), and some, like succubi, also want to torment the captive good-natured people in the torture chamber, “persuading” them to go over to the dark side of the Force.

However, in Dungeons III it is somehow especially noticeable that we have before us an independent and quite interesting game, and not a clone or obsequious imitation. And first of all, this is due to the appearance of a full-fledged protagonist (more precisely, the heroine) in the story campaign and the fact that this whole story in spirit is already much more reminiscent of the Majesty series than Dungeon Keeper.

Evil with a waist

According to the plot, the Lord of Darkness lured the priestess of the dark elves Thalia to his side, and now with her handles we must unite all the forces of Evil in order to finally break the resistance of Good both underground and on the surface.

It’s funny that Thalia’s father (she calls him that, anyway), on the contrary, is all positive, and at first she herself clearly suffers from a split personality – she speaks angrily, then sweetly, rushes between the light and dark sides of her personality and says something along the lines of “Dad, I don’t understand why this is happening to me.”

Dungeons 3 game review

The campaign can also be played in co-op.

However, there is no serious drama, of course. I repeat, everything is quite fun and funny, in the style of Majesty. That is, these are simple, expected, but sometimes still funny jokes about World of Warcraft, The Walking Dead, eternally drunk racist dwarfs, funny comments by an invisible narrator who periodically quarrels with an invisible narrator, names like “Categorically Illiterate Evil” and all in that spirit. And in Russian localization, there are still obligatory mentions of the Zenit Arena …

At the same time, the story campaign itself is built quite interestingly, with its own intrigues, scripted scenes and non-banal missions – in one of them, for example, you need to consistently release the undead from the graves, and then unleash the ghouls on the leader of the gnomes and his barricades in waves to break through the defenses on the surface .

All the evil in the world

By the way, the ability to get to the surface also distinguishes Dungeons III from Dungeon Keeper. Moreover, it was in the second part, but in the new game it is more organically integrated into the overall mechanics. Instead of completing side quests and fighting neutral monsters, we’re on the surface doing the most important story quests, as well as capturing and then also defending resource points (namely, the sources of Guile, necessary for research). Therefore, the spell to teleport your army to the surface and back became even more valuable.

In addition, in Dungeons III, we were finally allowed to unite all the forces of Evil at once in each mission and on each map, that is, orcs, demons, and undead can be under your control at the same time. Each faction has its own specialization – orcs with goblins are responsible for traps, demons collect mana for spells, and the undead raise dead good heroes and resurrect our wards. And by and large, all three companies need to be developed – this only makes the game more interesting and richer.

Dungeons 3 game review

The detailing of the models in the game is pleasantly surprising.

Of the other, smaller, but also important changes – new rooms, bedrooms and chicken coops have appeared, the number of workers is now taken into account separately, without limiting the development of the army, good “units” have become more diverse, the interface has become prettier and more convenient (although it is still not ideal). Finally, Dungeons III is excellent, looks juicy and sounds nice – and if there are still questions about the sound in some cases, then everything is definitely in order with the music.


If we consider Dungeons III as an independent game, and not scrupulously compare it with the unique standard of the genre in the face of Dungeon Keeper 2 and start shouting “This is not it again!” complex strategy with its own spirit, style and features. Which are now finally working well.

Pros: an interesting and fun campaign, in which a charismatic main character appeared, equated to a separate “unit”; exciting gameplay; the ability to command a single army of Evil; beautiful picture; expressive music.

Cons: the interface has become better, but it is not yet perfect; traps are often useless.

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