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Break the historic previous and wreck the meta! Asia’s beloved RPG launched in English with a new model tutorial & jacked up rewards to softly info you into the ultra-violent wastelands! Have the benefit of tons of strategies day after day! Get 20 lucky attracts for gratis upon login into the game. Get the well-known legend Zhao Yun at no worth after logging in for seven days. Stand as much as 30,000 Gold, distinctive pores, and pores and skin for gratis all through the primary week! A complete lot of bonuses will help you develop rapidly!

We created an unbelievable sports activities world with a mixture of fantasy and a pure historic previous! A complete bunch of top-class painters work arduously to develop brand-new designs ep, ic heroes with various classics and modern tastes. We use fantasy work to reshape well-known tales.

Dynasty Origins Pioneer Mod APK 1.6.84 (Free Shopping)

I really enjoyed this game so much, not pay to win, all of game contents are achieveable.. Is an ok game to bad is to much pay to win the progression for a free to play user it take alot of time . Good Luck .. I like this game, it actually gives you free stuff.. It was fun to play until new update and it has now deleted my hole game and I can't get it back it's not worth getting and I spent loads of time on the game. localization is hilarious and the general designs is pretty good but not good in-game community wise. legions is just compromised of barely 3 or 4 large ones and the rest are promotional legions for the top 1. ive been trying to get friends but barely anyone plays in my server i guess. also, the repitive gameplay can get tiring at times. but as someone who played and got back (just with a lost first acc), its pretty good still. it gives a lot of rewards and you can level up pretty easily.. One of my favorite games and app.

This game is dog s**t the fact I can't even play because your game litteraly split screens the menu not allowing me to click anything done everything to closing the game nothing works this game sucks a**. Fhh. Good . Why isn't any sound effects when my heroes uses there ult ? It's not like this when I played this game 9 months ago. Overall this game still fun ..... Awesome.

The cultural character desings in this game are so sick But please make the starwish event more rewarding. This is a great little game it's great to play if you can't sleep love the hero's system. I love dis games I'm enjoy the game relaxing good animation so easy more support this game... Omg just reinstalled the game and saw the added voice and it's amazing!. Cant login since 3 days ago. Please help.

Very generous. Nice game . keep at the gud work. After closing the Hispanic server they reimburse none of our time and made start from scratch, if it sounds and smells like a scam,what is it?. I can't log in choose server or anything I push start and nothing happens.

Good. Pay to win garbage. This game is dying. It will shut down in near future. Do not bother with this filth.. Very fun game. i am not your father.. Good game.

PLS WHY SO SLOW I HAVENT LOGGIN FOR 10 FREAKING HOURS. Big events are meants for rich people only like scrolls and relics. F2p plaer have no chance to get anything on treasure maps because the whale always eat the free player and not giving any chance at all.. Wow good game. Best game i loved. the game is far good but if the beast gear's bag is full we can join the beast hunt so make a sell we dont need.

Need to merge servers. Not many people on servers. Guzel ama sabir lazims. Should've changed my review when I quit the game. The voice actings were even worst than before.. . Not that fun but f2p i am f2p.

Good. to good. Force close on my phone ROG 5 android 12 , I can't start open to play it . Please fix. I love to play it if it weren't for the fact that I'm having a screen "zoom in" issue that I have no idea how to fix.. I love it!.

nice. Seru. PooPoo. Keeps crashing in glory hall and roam the world haven't been able to complete them in 3 days please fix this bug. Many pppl are complaining... New player. So far great Update: year and a half in. 840B pwr. Only complaint is the battles. When getting further in the game battles can take upwards of 5-10 min. That's at 2x speed (fastest). Other games I play let the combat continue when you exit. Not this game. Also one other thing, most battles you can't exit unless you close the app. Please make the battles either quicker, or operate behind thr scenes and not needing the players attention on screen throughout..

Nice and intelligent. Very good so far thank-you. The game crush can't log in ..I uninstall and reinstall but nothing's happen. make advance version to make more rewards. so bored to play like this.. Wanna get stronger ? Top Up, like the other games, why hate it so much, don't wanna spend money then don't play, developer always works hard to ensure you get the best items even you're a cheapskate, game like this always thriving in some communities and countries, me myself enjoy it so much .

i have a problem with opening the app, actually this is my second time i don't know if it's a problem in my pc or the app i can't figure it out guys help me!!!!!. is a funny game if you not too picky. Okkk. Is it still fixing I can't play. Greate game! Try it! I play it for several years and I still like it..

Coolness Coolness. Well I reached 700mil power in game. I have grown very bored with game as it crawls at a snails pace. The game runs well and has speed functions better then most of this type. The events are back to back and offer decent rewards you can actually earn at start of playthrough. After awhile you literally need to spend money to get the superior event currency to exchange for the better rewards. Such as mythic everything in the end heavy pay 2 win game. It's a good game for me. I speak for literally all of us when I say the beginning of the game is absolutely trash. The finger is so annoying like why don't you just tapped the stupid screen for us instead of making is so we are unable to tap anywhere else? That tutorial finger thing literally drove me away from this game; Why does it follow you until you're lvl 50? (Over exaggerated probably until like lvl 10 but still) I refuse to continue playing until the finger stops telling me what to do and delaying my progress. It's been an awesome game..

This is a good game I like the animations and stuffs over all this game is fire. I can't play well in my game because there a Gtarcade and its really pisses me off plss fix it. Very good game,spoilt by getting kicked at least 4 times a day,UNINSTALLED. Good. love this game But what i dont like the higher level you are the more match need to watch and there's no SKIP for the battle... every battle about take 3-5 mins to finnish and almost 30 to 40 daily battle.. damn .. I think this game only for kids whos just staying at home and holding their phone nonstop...

1yr review: if you're a F2P player... DON'T BOTHER, SERIOUSLY, DON'T BOTHER. my server has been DEAD (maybe 10 players total) still no Server merge. Contacted CS got usual canned response "we'll let our developers know" 6mos later... still no merge. Full of whales with 500B cp. I barely have, after a YEAR+, 900m cp. No championship wins for me Literally all Asian area players DOMINATE entire game. Save your time & $$$ . It's good. It good. Alright so. This game if you are looking for something that gives you currency in a very generous way this is it. But keep in mind that this is a game tailored specifically for whales. There is a lot of content in it in wich you will be held back and punished for not spending money. All of the best units and items are locked behind a paywall that is outrageous. Yes you can get said units or items by playing, but it will take you months to do so if you want to upgrade them.. This game is hilarious, although u can't control Ur characters it is still very fun.

If you want a serious game this is not it. This is such a warm, charming, and funny game. I love it.. cool. Sorry, GTArcade. I did not like it. Such a large download, cheesy voice-overs, combo skills as a group of main skills?? Also, slow pace of combat. LOA is in the past. Please hire innovative developers who think differently and are creative. I was bored within 10 mins of playing. It's good for under 10 year olds. Uninstalled.. Love the game. Hands down one of thee best games I ever had the pleasure of downloading and playing..

So far, not bad.. Why I can't enter the even invite Your friends?. Love the all the whole dynasty warriors gameplay, the features,events and plenty of rewards. This game dynasty origins pioneer and dynasty Samkok legends are my favourite dynasty warrior games. Idle games which are great to help pass the time in the world that we live into today. Happy gaming.. Very nice game, but I hope this global can be same like korean version, many bonus and more cheap to get hero.. love it.

Unskipable mandatory tutorial. If you guys want us to play your game. LET US PLAY THE GAME.. Good game. Nope! Make a 3D Game instead guys.. Did not expect this game to be hands-free for combat. Not for me. Art style is also a no.. They lying about the 4.5 ratings. Horrible game, developers don't listen to player's needs and it's all about squeezing as much money they can from all their players. Chaotic event rotations too. Play games like cookie run kingdom or dragalia lost instead. You'll get your time and moneys worth plus those games developers are generous to their players as well, unlike the developers of this horrible game. Wasted a year on this, I quit because of consistent bad treatment to their players..

Need to reinstall the game every week to play it. Trash game. 1 star because how the Dev team dont make fast development in the game. All the rewards is sucks. Dont bother to play this game if your not patience enough. Btw a lot of players is quitting now because is not same before.. Incredible game that is one of the most generous i've ever come across for people being f2p. Edit: After playing for over a year and enjoying the daily grind. I'm sad to say that greed has taken over this game. Events offer little to nothing for the f2p. The cost of things you need has gotten out of hand. 10,000 gold for 1 shard is unacceptable. This "was" a fun game, now its just a disappointment. From 5 stars down to 2. This is not a f2p friendly game anymore.. Kids bikes and the rest of the one I got for my mom to get the ponder of a great time with your mom or dad is Jaiden animations to come home I Love The good time with you. It's cool.

A lot of bonus awaits you!. LOVE IT. -Bad pull rate, theres no pity on pullrate. -Ninja nerf (Bad information about nerfing something), -bad about event information, like time limited heroes no information how many appears on event. -no F2P friendly. -bad reward compared for china and kor server. Just close the game dude , only disappointing.. Found the game cool and easy to play.. In the early day this game so fun f2p friendly, now is hardcore p2w, everything need to pay to get, 1-2 month i think i will leave if nothing change.

Very greedy dev!!!. As f2p you are still able to progress is you play smart and willing to be patient and grind daily. 3 stars because pairing system is broken in certain game modes. Opponents are either way too strong or appear easy to beat but still beat you easily.. Super. Good. My acc is gone.

Boring. Lho Kalo niat buat game jangan asal ngrusakin Aja lho GM tolol Gak punya otak klo Gak sanggup buat game tutup Aja servernya update lho jangan ngrusakin Aja emang punya yang 4000$ kasih account protection, anti banned klo Masih sanggup buat game klo Gak Dari pada lho rugi Gak dapat untung lho Jadi rugi Karena Harus membayar kerugian game Buatan lho sendiri. from 5 star to 3, why i cant log in using my google account.. So far so good. Good.

It's an amazing game room me abit to get used to the big change in everything but I think it's better then before by a long shot over all graphics and great Amd all the characters you can get aswe'll would be cool if you guys added more of like the epics and stuff instead of just adding stronger characters. Can no longer open the app after the new update. I've been enjoying this game for a while now and haven't had a problem but recently it's been crashing frequently over the last few weeks.. Have much inactive player. Good.

A lot of bugs and errors. And even I played it for a long time, I don't even won once of Legendary Hero nor Mythical ones -_-'||. The Probability of chances per player hasn't fixed. Luck by luck when will I have the chance to get those heroes?. Over p2w. Can't even use the limited time hero tokens, you should update it. Addictive game, you can pay or grind with time. You can soon catch up with decent performance.. Just started will change as I play but so far smooth easy to play. Good event right now but we will see..

stupid P2W game. Lumayanlah. Game is a scam. 1st Recharge Event is a Huge Scam.. This game is great may lag here and there but overall its a great game 10 out of 10. brilliant!!!!!!.

LOVE SO MUCH THIS GAME!. UqU. The game is a bit glitchy between the cut scenes and game play.. Super pay2win, if you're a free player you wont be able to have the same items, same heroes, same equipment like the whaler have, its like you have to wait 10 game updates to get the same item, and yes the whaler will have more newest items, heroes, and equipment hahahaha so dumb. Huggy wuggy titun x.

good game. very good and easy game. Stupid code says it's invalid!! What's up with that???. Hey developers what is happening with CX server 44??? We can't attack them at Siege Do something !!!. Great game nice animation and characters design... Funny dialogue....

Does not load up. Perfect. my mythic shard pick chests magically disappeared and I didn't even touch them. Entah masih nyoba. I like it.

No voice in game so bad. The game used to be fun. But the event just broken. U only need to show the ID and Server Name without doing anything to participate. Very bad Experience with this game. Efun game is better.. Awesome can't stop playing... Good. This game is not F2P friendly anymore. Watch out devs, the more you adjust this game for P2W whalers, the more you lose Low spender & F2P players. Dead server is getting more & more everyday.. Good Luck Devs, dig more money as much as you could.

EDIT: From 5to3to1 stars, if you ever decide to spend in this gmae, I recommend you never to do so. Iam vip 12, and ican tell you that no matter how much u spend even vip 3 can catch u up, because their gatcha system is bugged. Ive played one event and rolled eah event 100 times and didnt get anything while some take 2 super items with 20 rolls. So yea, but if u are f2p then be rdy to struggle also, because they bring event after event and u need a lot of gold. Vip system is garbage. Devs sux!. LOL i played this game for a 1 year and i really like this game lol. Great Game. Amazing love the little cut scenes characters look alittle different from the real ones but still a 5 for me great job. Developer getting too greedy. Even some of p2w VIP get mad. If you are f2p don't even try this gatcha games. Too many inactive players, most players quit. Get free stuff but still have to pay for every event to get the item. Better play Dynasty Warriors in Playstation..

Good Game. Whales bullying with no reprocussion. Beautiful and well made. Good animation.

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