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E3 is an immense event. In addition to the obvious conferences from large companies with a huge number of announcements, there will be a scattering of smaller presentations. Drown in this abyss – just spit! To make it easier for you (and us!) to navigate through the turbulent flow of incidents, we have compiled a guide for E3 2019.

Of course, you will learn about all the most important things from the news feed and streams of .Ru. Our broadcasts will take place on Twitch and/or YouTube. However, for those who want to be closer to the premieres, we provide links to the original presentations.

E3 2019 guide: schedule, events, predictions


Will not appear at E3 2019.

Electronic Arts

What is it? Strictly speaking, EA is not part of E3, but they hold their EA Play exhibition right before the biggest gaming event of the year, so for the sake of simplicity, for the sake of “electronics” attributed to E3.

What to expect?

• Star Wars Jedi gameplay: Fallen Order,
• new FIFA and Madden NFL,
• Updates for Battlefield V, The Sims 4 and Apex Legends.

What is not worth waiting for?

• the new Need for Speed ​​should be released this year, but it won’t appear on EA Play,
• new Plants vs. Zombies for PC and consoles is due out this year, but it’s not on EA’s streaming schedule either,
• The EA Originals indie section is not on the EA schedule.

When? June 8. Instead of a single presentation, EA will talk about their games in a series of broadcasts. Each topic has its own broadcast. The schedule is as follows (Moscow time):

• 19:15 – pre-show,
• 19:30 — Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,
• 20:00 — Apex Legends,
• 20:30 — Battlefield V,
• 21:00 — FIFA,
• 21:30 — Madden NFL,
• 22:00 — The Sims 4.

Where? YouTube, Twitch, official page.


What is it? Last year, Microsoft stood out with its intense show. There were few exclusives, but the flow of games was stunning. There is reason to believe that it will be the same this time as the main competitors from Sony refused to participate in E3 2019. In addition, Microsoft is expected to talk about its cloud platform and the next generation Xbox.

What to expect?

• Gears 5,
• Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,
• News about Xbox Game Pass on PC.

With a high probability:
• Cyberpunk 2077,
• Next generation Xbox,
• cloud gaming Project xCloud,
• Fables IV,
• Age of Empires IV,
• new Battletoads,
• Gears Tactics,
• Halo Infinite,
• Ori and the Will of the Wisps,
• Bleeding Edge – a new game Ninja Theory,
• The Outer Worlds,
• the second big addition for Forza Horizon 4,
• Add-ons for Xbox Game Pass and the backwards compatibility program.

Not so likely:
• news about the purchase of studios,
• Saints Row V,
• new game FromSoftware.

When? June 9 at 20:00 Moscow time.

Где? Mixer, YouTube, Twitch.


What is it? Bethesda conferences are fickle: they can be both interesting and boring. But the company likes to release barely announced games in a matter of months. Maybe this time they will be happy!

What to expect?

• DOOM Eternal.

• The Evil Within 3,
• something about Wolfenstein: Youngblood,
• updates for Rage 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Quake Champions and Fallout 76,
• A new game from Arkane Studios.

• Wolfenstein III,
• Starfield,
• The Elder Scrolls VI.

When? June 10 at 00:30 Moscow time.

Где? YouTube, Twitch, Mixer.

Return Digital

What is it? The most insane E3 conference ever. In previous years, Devolver Digital director Nina Struthers announced a loot box coin with a price that constantly changes simply because it showed a device for throwing money at a monitor. It tore off the assistant’s hand right on the stage.

What to expect?

• trash and fallow.

• Serious Sam 4,
• The Talos Principle 2,
• indie games, which you will learn about for the first time from this “conference”.

When? June 10 at 02:00 Moscow time.

Where? Twitch.

The E3VR Showcase

What is it? Presentation of games for virtual reality from the site UploadVR. The authors of the portal assure that they have prepared interesting announcements and will be of interest not only to owners of VR helmets, but also to those who have not yet purchased such a device.

What to expect?

• games for virtual reality.

• Sniper Elite VR.

When? June 10 at 19:00 Moscow time.

Where? YouTube.

PC Gaming Show

What is it? According to many, the most mournful conference E3. And in my opinion, it can be watched at least thanks to the extremely charming hosts – Sean Plott (Sean Plott) and Frankie Ward (Frankie Ward). Which, however, does not mean that there will not be overly lengthy conversations with developers and manufacturers of all sorts of hardware.

What to expect?

• new Epic Games Store exclusives,
• Borderlands 3,
• Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2,
• Evil Genius 2,
• a new game from the creators of Sniper Elite,
• Last Oasis – “one of the most inventive multiplayer games of the year,” as the organizers of the show say.
• Maneater – RPG about cannibal shark,
• Age of Wonders: Planetfall,
• Warframe: Empyrean – an update about cooperative battles in space,
• Planet Zoo,
• A new game from Chucklefish, the creators of Starbound and Wargroove.

• Baldur’s Gate III от Larian Studios,
• Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Earthblood,
• unexpected ports from SEGA (Persona 5 and another Yakuza?),
• The Last Night,
• Stronghold Next,
• a bunch of indie games, about which you will later say: “Do you remember there was such a game? Where did she disappear to?

When? June 10 at 20:00 Moscow time.

Где? YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Steam.

Limited Run Games Conference

What is it? Limited Run Games is a company for connoisseurs, so to speak. It releases limited edition games on physical media and collector’s editions. The presentation at E3 is interesting because it will show games for the PlayStation Vita on cartridges. They will be the last of their kind as official PS Vita media has been discontinued.

What to expect?

• games for PlayStation Vita,
• physical editions of different games.

When? June 10 at 22:00 Moscow time.

Where? Twitch.


What is it? Shows at Ubisoft are usually peppy and not drawn out. I believe that everything will start with huge dancing pandas that announce Just Dance, and end with a beautiful cinematic trailer for another action in the open world.

What to expect?

• Demonstration of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint,
• content for Rainbow Six Siege, The Division 2 and For Honor,
• Watch Dogs Legion,
• a number of novelties yet unknown.

With a high probability:
• dancing pandas Just Dance 2020,
• Roller Champions is a multiplayer game about roller skaters,
• Subscription Ubisoft Pass in the spirit of EA Access or Xbox Game Pass.

Not so likely:
• Skull & Bones,
• Rainbow Six Quarantine is a cooperative PvE shooter.

What is not worth waiting for?

• Beyond Good & Evil 2 (the authors explicitly stated that they would not appear at E3 2019).

When? June 10 at 20:00 Moscow time.

Где? YouTube, Twitch.

AMD Next Horizon Gaming

What is it? AMD will be showing off their next generation devices.

What to expect?

• Details on the latest Radeon RX 5000 series graphics cards,
• other “next generation gaming products”.

When? June 11 01:00 Moscow time.

Where? YouTube.

Kinda Funny Games Showcase

What is it? Presentation from the authors of the Kinda Funny channel. This is not the first time it has been held, previously it mainly showed indies and games from not very large studios. To give you an idea of ​​the scale: Kinda Funny Games Showcase showed Judgment by Yakuza Studio, a teaser for the third episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season and Super Meat Boy Forever.

What to expect?

• over 60 indie games.

• games of small caliber.

When? June 11 at 02:30 Moscow time.

Where? YouTube.

Square Enix

What is it? When Square Enix held a conference last year, there was nothing loud. But the company still has two intriguing trump cards – the Final Fantasy VII remake and the Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics. Perhaps at E3 2019 they will finally be shown as they should.

What to expect?

• Marvel’s Avengers от Crystal Dynamics,
• Dying Light 2,
• remake of Final Fantasy VII,
• Outriders – a new game in sci-fi surroundings.

With a high probability:
• anything about Kingdom Hearts III,
• Babylon’s Fall от PlatinumGames,
• new part of NieR,
• Lots of obscure Japanese game.

Not so likely:
• new shooter from People Can Fly.

When? June 11 at 04:00 Moscow time.

Where? Official page, Twitch.


What is it? Broadcast for those who are in the subject and love Nintendo. After a short presentation, the company will start showing Treehouse – streams with developers, where each game is analyzed in detail.

What to expect?

• Games (and only games!) for Nintendo Switch.

• Bayonetta 3,
• Astral Chain от PlatinumGames,
• Daemon X Machina,
• new fighters for Super Smash Bros. ultimate,
• new Animal Crossing,
• ремейк The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening,
• Fire Emblem: Three Houses,
• Luigi’s Mansion 3,
• TOWN – RPG from the authors of the Pokemon series,
• indie games and ports from older platforms.

• Metroid Prime 4 (game development recently rebooted),
• Pokemon Sword and Shield (they will be discussed on a separate broadcast on June 5, before E3 2019),
• Super Mario Maker 2 (she recently devoted a separate large broadcast).

When? June 11 at 19:00 Moscow time.

Where? YouTube (with Russian subtitles), Twitch.

E3 Coliseum

What is it? A series of events from the organizers of E3 2019. In addition to games, they promise interesting discussions with special guests. The producer is Geoff Keighley, creator and host of The Game Awards.

What to expect?

• Borderlands 3,
• a new game in the Darksiders series,
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,
• The Outer Worlds,
• Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey,
• two unannounced projects from Ubisoft,
• unannounced project from Xbox,
• Gears 5,
• Destiny 2,
• Dying Light 2,
• Avengers от Crystal Dynamics,
• DOOM Eternal,
• Rocket League,
• Control,
• The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan,
• games based on Netflix movies and/or series,
• something about The Simpsons,
• Psychonauts 2 gameplay with commentary by Jack Black and Tim Schafer.

Please note that many topics at E3 Coliseum are more likely to turn into run-of-the-mill interviews with developers rather than exciting presentations of new videos. Mentally prepare to be bored if you want to learn something about the games from the list at E3 Coliseum!

When? Within a few days – from June 11 to 13.

Where? Official page, YouTube.

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