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Earn to Die invites him to go a long way to salvation and his only hope on this difficult road is a small but very agile truck that weaves through crowds of zombies and at the same time tools. destroy them. As mentioned, your main task is to cover the distance to the helicopter, but this is not possible without regular updates.

Earn to Die  MOD APK (Free Download) 1.0.29

And even if it is equipped with everything necessary, with the money earned to destroy them you will be able to buy various equipment to destroy the enemies, as well as new parts that can increase the ability Its engineering, and these have not only new body kits or guns, engines or wheels, but also a new car. The full version of Earn to die offers eight of them at once. There’s even a school bus among them.

The distance traveled in a day in this game is completely dependent on the improvements of the car. In the early stages, your car force and gas reserves will only be enough to move to the other side of a small hill and kill a few zombies. You can only go further by filling up the tank. But the most exciting will only begin after your hero gets behind the wheel of an unprecedented death machine whose power runs through the entire game.

But don’t forget the zombies. It would be strange if they just stood there and waited for their fate. With each next level, and there are only three of them, they will become stronger and by the end of the game on Android, their attempt to survive will turn into fierce battles, a horror movie. about real hacked zombies.

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