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Shortly before release Elden Ring it turned out that in the network code of all “souls” there is a dangerous vulnerability due to which attackers can gain control over the victim’s device. The developers even cut off the servers of the series Dark Souls on the PC and do not turn them on for two months. However, in Elden Ringit seems that the most egregious holes are still patched up.

The VGC portal took a comment from a hacker who was going to publish details about the vulnerability if Bandai Namco And FromSoftware they won’t do anything to her. He told the following:

[LukeYui] sent FromSoftware a huge document, where many other exploits are described in Dark Soulsincluding both security breaches (such as reading and writing out of bounds) and game bugs that allow you to ban other players, edit their game saves, and so on.

To my surprise, in Elden Ring fixed all these exploits. This is amazing!

LukeYui is the creator of Blue Sentinel, an unofficial anti-cheat for the series Dark Souls. IN Elden Ring for the first time in the history of souls, a serious anti-cheat appeared – Easy Anti-Cheat. However, it is built into the game rather meagerly and is not able to protect against some elementary things, the VGC interlocutor claims.

Even if these simple bypasses are patched, the entire system will need to be completely rewritten in order to properly use all the features of Easy Anti-Cheat. And this is simply necessary for the anti-cheat to work effectively.

That is, if you believe the hacker, it turns out that in the netcode Elden Ring fixed the most dangerous things, but the game is still poorly protected from more harmless hacks.

This position is in line with reality. Elden Ring there are intruders who spoil the lives of other people through multiplayer. For example, the victims were sent to an endless cycle of deaths, and one of the hackers generally arranges lawlessness openly to emphasize the weakness of the anti-cheat in the game.

However, the interlocutor of VGC still calls Elden Ring “undoubtedly the most secure game From“. But in the previous “souls” everything remains unchanged.

According to the hacker, there are hefty gaps in all three Dark Souls (including the remaster of the first part and the reissue Scholar of the First Sin), even in Ax (although it will not be possible to use these pieces of code there – apparently, because there is no direct multiplayer). Most likely in Demon’s Souls PS3 also has such holes, but there the multiplayer components have been officially disabled since February 2018.

The hacker posted in the public domain the so-called “proof of concept” – material that describes in sufficient detail how you can take advantage of a security hole, using the example Dark Souls III. The calculation is that now, when the information is visible to everyone, Bandai Namco And FromSoftware will be more proactive in solving the problem.

When to wait for fixes and return to service servers Dark Soulsstill unknown – no further comments on the topic Bandai Namco didn’t give.

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