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Without further ado, I played the beta version of Elex II provided to journalists (the full one comes out in March 2022) and made sure that there are two things that never change – the beauty of Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) and Piranha Bytes games . And if the first is exclusively joy and delight, then the second fact causes mixed feelings.

Old hero, new problems

As I wrote in the first preview, in the sequel to this new old “Gothic” from the “piranhas”, we again play as Jax, who, after defeating a huge hybrid robot, is forced to repel an alien threat looming over Magalan. More precisely, at first a strange object loomed over him, but few people paid attention to it – numerous groups sorted out among themselves and fought for power. Unable to face it, Jax left and became a recluse.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

Those ruins in the background can also be reached.

And finally, punishment from heaven came. From a strange object, something began to pour on Magalan, including directly onto Jax’s shack, and purple monsters crawled out of the craters, which even the winner of the Hybrid is hard to deal with. He didn’t cope – Jax was badly beaten, and ironically, the very same Dr. Adam Charles Dawkins, who was in the Hybrid’s cockpit when we defeated him in the first part, saved him and left him. Now, according to him, he has seen the light, freed from the power of the machine and longs to repulse the invaders, either from another planet, or from another dimension.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

At first, however, you will have to deal not with the invaders, but with flies and other small reptiles.

Therefore, he needs a strong and strong Jax, who will have to assemble an entire army (the “Sixth Force”, as the doctor calls it) to confront a new threat. How? Well, this is an RPG from Piranha Bytes – it will have to be in the style of “Figaro there, Figaro here!” run between factions, collect information and complete tasks in order to join one of the factions and attract its resources to your side. You also need to appoint a suitable commander of the “Sixth Force” from among the leaders of the factions and equip its base – the Bastion, where at first there is practically no one but Jax and Dawkins. In particular, the first thing we are looking for is a builder to strengthen the walls.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

The doctor does not swear – he is so inspiring.

You also need to find and send to the Bastion the native son of our hero – Dex. Communication with him and participation in his upbringing is a separate branch of quests. And, of course, you need a partner. Almost immediately, the option to take Kaya with you appears – this is the berserk mage, Dex’s mother. And between her and Jax about their relationship, disputes periodically flare up. And half an hour later I met a new companion – a young, but already sharp-tongued hunter-humorist Fox, who, of course, offered to go hunting together, while running around the entire region and nearby territories.

Although, in principle, you can not join any faction and not babysit any partners – there is even a Lone Wolf skill that encourages such antisocial behavior.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

Still, it is better to sit by the fire with the mother of your son.

Hello again!

Well, in general, a lot of tasks are thrown at us at once. As promised by the authors, the world has retained its size, but has become more densely saturated with events, characters and tasks – not exactly twice, but tangibly enough. Here you can even visit a Billy Idol concert – the authors licensed the musician’s song, and his appearance was very accurately transferred to the virtual world.

There are both familiar from the first part, but modified locations, and completely new ones. New types of enemies and monsters from among the invaders have appeared. Yes, new factions have been added. Almost immediately, we meet berserkers who fight Morcons – these are such cultists who worship Death.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

And here you can meet death at every step – if, for example, you turn your head to such a bull ahead of time.

Morcon recruits are mainly recruited from captives, but we can also come to them voluntarily (the quest item needed by the builders in the Bastion is just at the Morcons – it’s the scriptwriters who staged a trick!). Fortunately, their base, located in a large cave, is not far from the berserk fort. And at the base there is an arena, and a tavern, and merchants, and a leader named Khan, who rarely communicates directly and mostly conveys everything through a person nicknamed the Voice of Khan – religious traditions must be honored and respected.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

Here is the entrance to this cave.

The proprietary non-linearity has not disappeared. And it’s not just a matter of choosing which faction to join, but also how to generally ensure that the leaders of the factions agree to meet with us or let Jax in to them and open access to the upper city / district / floor. And the fact that the way there is initially booked is an ancient tradition since the time of the first Gothic.

More about factions in Elex II.

For example, in the berserk fort, there are several options for this: deal with problems in the iron ore mine, ensure the efficient operation of local agriculture (in other words, you need tools to care for the plantings), or find rogue terrorists who have recently prepared an assassination attempt on the local leader, and now they are posting propaganda leaflets everywhere. In the latter case, we conduct a whole investigation, and in the process, these same “terrorists” will come out to us and offer to work for them. Here we decide for ourselves whether to accept or immediately surrender them. If we surrender, then we will be offered to ingratiate ourselves with the outcasts (or who they consider themselves to be).

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

This man in the hat is a barter and offers us something special every other day.

The play is over

And everything would be fine, but a logical question arises: why does Jax need to prove something to someone again and gain trust, so that he would simply be allowed into the upper region and allowed to talk with the leaders? He, for a moment, is the savior of the planet from the Hybrid, everyone already knows him. Well, for the new factions, he may still be a dark horse, but they have heard about him for sure.

And even more so, the farce and the theater of the absurd begin when we begin to prove something to almost native berserkers. Not only is Jax remembered by many there, but he also travels with Kaya – and she, in fact, is the archmage of the berserkers and almost the commander-in-chief of their army. And anyway – come on, son, get gardening tools, look for tramps and bandits in the area. If they react to Kaya, they say – the lady, they say, can pass, but you leave. And the archmage can’t do anything.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

Not all leaders want to get an appointment.

One of the old acquaintances was at first sincerely delighted to see Jax, saying, “Remember how you helped me get off drugs? Thanks to you, I became a man and now I am engaged in supplies. And then – “Well, the rules are the same for everyone, so you run away, let’s see what’s going on in the mine, and I’ll put in a good word for you.”

The absurdity is aggravated by the remarks of partners, who are often either off topic or generally incomprehensible. Imagine: at one of the outposts, which is managed by Kaya, Jax invites her to travel together, she agrees and almost immediately, being already a partner, looks around and says something along the lines of “Oh, what an interesting place, there is clearly something to profit from here! “.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

But in battles, partners really help.

Okay, out of place remarks are a trifle that can be attributed to the fact that this is a beta version. But about the situation with the recognition / non-recognition of Jax, even for me, the person who for years defended the games “piranhas” and convinced (unsuccessfully, really) the editor that the first Elex is “Commendable”, I already want to yell obscenities. I understand everything, the traditions of the series, the studio has already created its own genre – mid-budget European RPGs in the Gothic style, where there are a lot of leaves, birches, wild boars, factions and clumsy battles.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

I don’t remember these animals in the first part.

But show you, finally, at least a drop of imagination. Well, send Jax to another continent or, I don’t know, into space, into a dimension with insidious invaders. Or change his appearance as a result of an accident, alien mutations, the whim of the chief designer. Or let him play as his son. Do something to avoid this insanity when the victorious hero is again forced to be an errand boy, and he modestly asks the bouncer in the pub: “Can you teach me the skill of close combat of the first level?”

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

Jax will again have to run up the stairs – literally and figuratively.

My hang glider

The role-playing system, as you already understood, is still the same, and the main thing in it is to find a teacher who, for a certain number of Elex fragments, will unlock skills that allow you to fight better in melee or ranged combat, open locks not of the first, but of the second level, strike in back, gain more experience, make potions more efficiently, and so on.

And in general, the gameplay is extremely similar to what we saw in the first Elex. Unless the graphics have become juicier, there have been more quests, and it has become possible to famously fly on a jetpack – however, for this you first have to pump it well on a workbench.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

At first, fuel reserves are not enough for long flights. Therefore, we are looking for such workbenches and fulfill the conditions.

The authors said something about improving the combat system, but so far the battles are perceived in much the same way – unprepossessing, not very comfortable, but it will do. There is a dodge, a block and a powerful blow that consume stamina. At any time, you can switch to a bow or a rifle – as long as the requirements for the parameters (strength, agility, stamina, intelligence) are met.

ELEX II: Press Release Preview

A powerful blow can knock you down.

And in principle, the whole Elex II is perceived this way now – unsightly in terms of control, animation and directing, not always logical (to put it mildly), full of conventions and clichés, but at the same time more juicy, rich and full of adventures implemented according to the principle “To live your life in a big open world.” So I and all those who love RPG from “piranhas” will play, of course, no matter what. But, dear developers, have you heard the Kino group? Listen, our hearts are already demanding change.

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