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Elite Killer: SWAT is currently the best shooter with a modern military theme. According to the plot of the game, you are a universal soldier with excellent training, who alone is forced to confront the terrorist organization “Syndicate” around the world.

Elite Killer: SWAT Codes Wiki (2023 June) 1.5.6
List of Codes WikiExpiration date
EWMDHUYA806August 11, 2022
Y3ZMJ9B764August 14, 2022
N0GZVU1SRAugust 24, 2022
SI3PJZB0H5LAugust 9, 2022
NCZ3LGSAW7XHAugust 29, 2022
NV7MK1I0PBTSeptember 16, 2022

Your combat mission is to penetrate behind enemy lines and destroy the terrorist base. To do this, you need to gradually move through the game, finding clues that will help you get to the very head of the organization.

Only in this way you can destroy the entire terrorist organization with one powerful blow and become a real hero.

Elite Killer: SWAT is a one of a kind game for Android mobile devices. A simple and clear interface makes this game truly universal: it will suit both experienced shooter players and novice gamers who do not yet know all the intricacies of the game.

An additional advantage of Elite Killer: SWAT is the super realistic 3D rendering of characters and details. In addition, during the game you can go through more than a hundred exciting levels that open gradually, and master more than 16 maps around the world.

An additional bonus: in the game you can use more than 30 types of the most modern weapons, as well as compete with other players around the world online.

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