Game Mobile - Updated on September 5, 2022

Emoji Liner is a logic and thinking mobile game where you have to combine pictures to create a new one by combining previous shapes. For example, there is a picture of “ink on a stick with stewed plums” – you need to find images of squid, trees and plums, and then combine them with the original image. The game screen looks simple: there are 2-3 rows of different images on the screen that will be used to solve the puzzles. Not all images can be used – some images will remain unused.

Emoji Liner

Emoji Liner game was developed by a skilled programmer, who decided to give the user another toy to develop logic. The application will be especially useful for young children, helping them develop intellectually and quickly learn new words with visual images of what they read. The program will be a great acquisition for any early childhood teacher trying to develop the intellectual abilities of their young students. Each subsequent level will be more difficult than the previous one, forcing the player to think more and react to each action perfectly.

Among the features of the game project are: excellent visual composition, minimalist graphics and relaxed music. Management is as simple as possible and does not require special skills in handling modern mobile smartphones. Mod for many crystals will provide unlimited local currency to get tips and unlock special levels, and will also remove active ads after passing any level.

Download ( V1.6 )
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