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Empire Rage is a story about a great civilization. This place gathers forces with lofty intentions. They are the heads of each kingdom. The ambition to spread is to expand the territory and take possession of things. Now the situation has turned from peaceful to rebellious. The lack of life resounded everywhere.

Be the king of a flourishing empire with an abundant navy. What will you do to keep your kingdom standing? Inside the battle for dominance with tons of 1000 different people. You will compete with them in military strength and intelligence. That is why an important inning determines victory or defeat. It is based on the effectiveness of your creative brainstorming method.

Empire Rage

The civilization you want

With quite a few cultural sources and completely different countries. Potential customers are free to choose their own flag. 4 dominant civilizations can be what you can choose. Categorized by the following names: Pastoral, Japanese, and many others. Each civilization has its own positive values ​​and characteristics. No coincidence, so there may be new experiences.

First Hero

There is a possibility to recruit heroes for free when you become a beginner. Log into the game now to determine the evil card for the ruler. Observe them as appropriate leaders. To have the flexibility to demonstrate the flexibility of domination, you should have. Plan to recruit potential customers from completely different civilizations. Each hero has different amazing characteristics.

Guild System

Unlock clans to recruit the allies you want. It’s an attribute that optimizes strength along with comradeship. In case you are overloaded with work, members can share to help each other. So you can probably stand as much as the flexibility of larger countries. Shaking hands with a maximum number of 300 tablets will help players have more partners.

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