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Empire: Rome Rising – this exciting strategy will take you back to the past, to those gray days when the Great Roman Empire was at the peak of its power and glory.

Empire: Rome Rising Codes (2023 June) 1.58
List of CodesExpiration date
TO6IAKMR9EDSeptember 23, 2022
Q4X7ZNJIUVAugust 14, 2022
HGS38UQZCSeptember 9, 2022
9KNZY8DHMAUSeptember 30, 2022
S8WULXINODAZAugust 30, 2022
DKX7G954COAAugust 16, 2022

You have been assigned the role of the governor of the province, on whose shoulders lies the difficult task of expanding the lands of the empire and keeping them in his power. The command will settle you in a remote village, from which you have to make an impregnable fortress, the support of the imperial throne.

Hire and train legionnaires, the backbone of your invincible army. Train brave Heroes and improve their skills and characteristics. May they lead your army into battle and bring you victory. Conquer more and more new lands, join them to your empire, provide them with protection and prosperity.

Enter into alliances with other players or create your own. Discuss the tactics of the upcoming battle or coordinate attacks in the game chat. Use the world map to see in real time how the outlines of your possessions are changing.

Learn diplomacy and use its skills to negotiate with allies. After all, as you know, the best battle is the one that never happened.

What will be your next step on the path to world domination?

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