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A model new free-to-play mannequin of Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire that many avid gamers will like! You need to search and uncover hidden objects and win this pleasurable search and uncover thriller games stuffed with puzzles, thoughts teasers, and mini-games! This recreation has no plot variations with the distinctive object-discovering games journey, and its essential attribute is that you can play the entire hidden objects thriller game quest freed from cost!

The residents of Rivershire have been contaminated with a horrible sickness that is slowly turning them into monsters. Because of your magical immunity, you can probably heal the townsfolk and stop the infection from spreading throughout the kingdom! You set out the treatment in opposition to the disease! Can you discover the availability of the condition and return the town to familiar sooner than it’s too late?

Enchanted Kingdom 3 Mod APK 1.0.50 (Unlocked Everything)

Some mini games are harder than the usual games. Many bugs including: Painting in the bonus chapter - brush is not close to where you touch making it hard to paint. Mini games disappear for no reason (like off-focus click) which resets the progress. Makes red/green/blue game frustrating. Item list not always there, go back then forward again and the item list is there again. Memory leak - starts off ok when opened but after a few mins, click and wait upto 5 seconds for game to respond.. The very end of the bonus section freezes not allowing me to complete the game.. other than tht this was one of my favs. Too slow when i click on something it pops up too late.. I was having trouble getting through one of the mini games so I bought the option for 20 minutes of free skips and it showed I had the 20 minutes but it wouldn't let me use any of them at all. I wasted my money. I uninstalled the game.. I bought gems to skip tasks, but the game never showed them so I could skip. The money was taken from my account.. Ok but I couldn't finish due to a glitch.

Random puzzle, laggy. Good story, but you can't click out of things or you have to repeatedly click on things to interact with them ... Seems like this was a computer game that got ported poorly to mobile phones.. Very fun.. Immediately notice that I have to click above something to select it bc clicking directly on it doesn't work which makes playing difficult.. Done. Thank you for free games. Plus bonus chapter. Yes, sometimes its stuck and i have to reset the game and start over again or sometimes the games going sooo slowly, i have to start over again. But sure i still love DG..

I purchased skips.. And didn't get them.. Not happy. UPDATE... Developers fixed the issue!!! Love the game . Only thing is it takes so long after clicking to go to an area almost made me uninstall.. Got stuck on the first puzzle. It is impossible!! And I keep getting an error with server message when trying to purchase endless hints/skips.. faulty flashing pixels nt working. Played.

Fun game. Saya mimpi saya baca Qur'an 18 - 60 Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. Jennifer Ok. Too glitchy. Great game.

I love all the games. Play one every day. But this one was super slow. I thought it might be been poor connection on my end but it seems to be a reoccurring complaint. Also the game will not let me proceed. I got to the part with the chest under the beehive and it will not let me unlock the chest. There's nothing else for me to do. I even tried to use a hint and it literally tells me there is nothing left to do. So now I'm stuck. This is the first time I've come across any issues so idk..... . Why do you have so many games that are all the same. Don't get me wrong their awesome games but when you finish a game and load another that you think is different and then get the same game just with a different title and I've found that most of them are like that, same game different titles.. o so frustrating! controls on this game are TERRIBLE, worst I've ever played. Having to hit every item & puzzle 8 or 9 times to get them to work. persevered ALMOST to the end - dkw. The coloured idols, the purple lens ie combining red & blue, won't reveals the symbols. Spent ages coaxing symbols out on the green but purple zilch despite numerous attempts. Will NOT use a ruby on this truly awful game. HATE leaving games unfinished, however, no choice - am uninstalling! PLEASE FIX. Disappointed. Played the full game.... Just love it... Good long but sooooo laggy .

Very good app. I love these games but this game is glitched. It will not let me unlock the chest under the bees. I have looked up the walkthrough, I am doing it right but it won't let me proceed.. Got a terrible glitch to making the first potion, it won't let you make it as it just freeze the screen and I tried 5 times to over come but it's obviously a glitch. I loved the game itself but the lag time is terrible. The farther in the game I got the worse it was. I couldnt wait to finish this one. And the color on each scene was weird and then change back to normal. Strange. Overall the game is ok.. The puzzles and gameplay were fun as always. I liked that there were a lot of HOPs. Starting off with a hidden objects scene like that is always a plus in my book and I particularly liked the puzzle box with the skulls and gems. But there is a three to five second lag to do anything and it freezes completely at the last puzzle in the bonus chapter. I'm working on making notes of the glitches to send to tech support and look forward to it being fixed to finish the game..

I'm currently playing this and love everything but the unbearably slow transitions. It's so bad I can't continue. Hoping you guys have a bug fix and I can go back and finish. It was behind 2 or 3 seconds. everything took forever to load. Tried to reload, it didn't help. Mini games/puzzles kept backing out. If I touched the wrong spot I had to start over! Then wait for it to load. The painting was horrible, if I didn't click perfectly. graphics and stories are good. not being able to click on a lot of things just ruined the game play. I have played a lot of other games never had any problems. Besides that stupid bridge in dryad forest.. So many games of this company have glitches somewhere that make it impossible to finish. In this one I couldn't get past giving a healing potion to a character; the game would not recognize it as the healing potion required. Double checked walkthroughs and there was no reason it should not have worked. I enjoy the puzzles when they work though.. Pla gave us new f2 play games every week. Pretty much what the other folks have said very slow and glitches alot. Couldn't open the chest and had to reinstall. Hope it better this time.

The game was interesting and the graphics are beautiful. But the sites are slow to load; often, I would tap it and when it didn't seem to do anything, I would tap it again just as it finally came up and it would zoom right back out. Maddening. In the Extra game, I got right to the end with the sword for the demon, but the puzzle would not load. I tried a couple of times and gave up. Overall worth playing.. Awww man. I was hoping for better. But still love your games... Love these games, however this one is a little slow to bring up elements. And when you tap it again because you think you missed, it openes and then closes. I too had the problem with nott being able to give the witch the healing potion. Sadly I have to uninstall without finishing. If it weren't for that I would have given at least 4 stars.. Great game but it glitches and I can't move forward. It's a shame because the same thing happened to me with #2. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. Lag lag lag then the witch won't take the potion. Dom games fails again with games that are all candy but fail on game play.

I have been enjoying this game, but I have got to the part where I am supposed to give the old witch, the healing potion. For whatever reason, the game will not allow me to do it. Most disappointing.. Game took my money and didn't give me my skips. This is a great game until you get to the chest that needs unlocking with the barrette. I've resorted to checking the walkthrough and watching a video to see I'm doing everything correctly, and I am. I place the barrette over the chest and nothing. It doesn't work. If the developers can fix this I worked give it a 5.. Very nice game to play with friends. Extremely slow.

The graphics are so pretty and the game is pretty challenging.. Thanks it's lots of fun.. . Love . I absolutely loved this game and played right til the very end, including the bonus .

Excellent, a wide variety of puzzles. I did have issues with lag time and turned of special effects, but still had problems, but not enough to stop me playing, I just stopped and restarted the game. Delighted, thanks guys. played again, excellent. Good game but slow to load up puzzles. Loads slowly great game however. Good game however unacceptable lagging, each move take 10-15 second to happen, spoils the game, STILL LAGGING, NOT RESOLVED. Tried to download it and now I can't download anything. Screwed up my phone.

So far the game is good, excellent graphics and puzzles aren't too hard, I got some by trial & error. There are saves, hints & skips.when I'm done I will update asap.. Addictive. Can't finish the bonus chapter due to the game freezing.. Great game ya n I just beat the whole game n the bonus chapter game ya too it was fun ya... So laggy..

Love it. I like this one its nice to have a game that u dont have to keep spending money to enjoy. Thank u. Thank you for another great game . Would have given 5 stars as it is as per a great game...just the 26 second wait between tapping on items/levels/rooms. Graphics as usual on point. Locations open verrry slowly, up to 3-5 seconds, but then close very quickly. The only extras that show up are eggs and coins, but that is minor. Will finish regardless, may change rating at the end. Thank you!.

Super laggy. Best. App runs super slowly. I tap on an area and wait 3-5 seconds for it to load. Mini games are good and reliable but ex-out super easily then you wait the 5 sec to load again which is annoying. Also hints don't tell you where on the map to go, just pulls it up without highlighting an area such as similar games do.. Really enjoying this game.. Addiction difficulti. . OK but pricey ..

I Love The Point and Click Andventure. Specially Free To Play. Most of the puzzle are just hard enough to make you think, but not impossible. Great Game So far.. A true thinkers game. Awesome. I love the game however there's a very annoying and frustrating delay every time I want to do something.. Ok I guess. Looking good so far.

Game was stucked...... Why that old lady taking my healin portion......... Waste of Data...... Wonderful game as usual from you guys, please keep making more. ilike. Game is fun to play except it has glitched and I can't continue. The scene where I am supposed to get the wet rag after I complete the wall code did not have the rag. Will be uninstalling. This is the second game that has glitched on me and left me stuck. Otherwise it was still fun to play up until that point.. Needs more clues for free..

Good game but somewhat spoiled by a slow glitchy transition when "zooming in" and moving between locations (I've noticed this problem with some of the other games too). It's ok, explanation of puzzles bit confusing, but just started will write again. Im having some kind of glitch I guess. Teisha, the local witch, she doesn't accept the healing potion that I offered. I have uninstalled it and play it again but the result are just the same.. Got kinda laggy at the end and in the bonus chapter. nice challenge, the characters are fun..

Hey guys, there is severe lagging, and there is a glitch when the player has to give the old witch the healing potion. I have tried several times over the past two hours and nothing. This is a very interesting game, which makes me sad I had to delete it. Graphics are wonderful and storyline is interesting.. Yes I do like the game no doubt about it. It is very fascinating game. Thank you.. Great game I really like the story line. Good game, but I can't complete it because I'm stuck on the random counters, please can you stop adding random games into your games. Think I played this game before, but dint make it to the point I reached because the game play and tapping on things is so slow,, maybe that's why initially on 1st try uninstalling, and since it's still not fixed after so much time now I'm uninstalling again. Thank God I dint waste money on this game..

I enjoyed playing this, but the longer I played, the laggier it got. Especially the bonus game was very laggy and I had to restart the game several times. Almost couldn't finish the very last puzzle. I of course made sure no other app eating my RAM.. Not smooth, jerky movement. Graphics too busy so not clear what items to use. to the tree with bees and couldn't open the casket with the barrette. Uninstalled game as very frustrated . Good so far. Love this game but like the others U need to be more re rubies.. Game is good but on my samusing j5 there is a time lag when clicking from one icon to another have never had this with any of your other games.but still I enjoyed the game.

I really like these games. When you try to select an area, there is a slight delay, which can be aggravating. But the game is still worth playing.. Good. Excellent game,like all of your games.Thank you for making F2P. I Dream Kia Sorento Clock there second Bur Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. Very good game.

Loved the addition of the Healing Kit, a definite preference to the Magical glasses and mobile phone. Another winner, thnx Domini Team. Hoping you'll, eventually, make series like the Fairy Godmother f2p available just as a 'normal' download as opposed having to go through GooglePlay . Nice cool one.. Love these games!!!!!!!. Addictive, another great game from Domini. Love it.

I love these games but....... why won't Teisha take the potion? I had offered it to the skull, her head, arm, shoulder, chest, EVERYWHERE! Uninstalled the game and it happened again!! So miffed now Anybody else?. The game was not running right, it took me forever to open up areas, it worked okay passing from area to area. Other than that it was a good game, it just took twice as long .. Keeps freezing when the mandrake grows in the very first room. Can not get past that point due to it freezing.. Love the game well done. Love all of your games. However, I can't use the diagnostic lens on the young man. It doesn't glow. Please fix so I may finish the game. Pleeeeeeeeeease .

Fun to play and makes you think. Love it. A little bit glitchy, slow to respond to touches.. Love these games,not too hard, not too easy,great puzzles too.. Excellent game. It took about two weeks to finish. Some nights I would work on it until my tablet battery was only 1 percent and close down. I recommend this to anyone!! It is excellent that you responded back. It is a wounderful game to play!. Bit slow,patience is the name of the game..

Love all your games. This one seems to have some hicups when you go to the close ups and in getting to the games to solve. Which is highly irritating, need to fix it. Thats why you only get 3 stars.. Game was really good til you get to the spell barrier. That part it nearly impossible to beat unless you have a skip avaliable. I am uninstalling this game til this part is redone. Then I may give more stars.. Glitch still not sorted cannot give potion to witch despite others with same problem months ago, uninstalling not gonna contact developers as they clearly do nothing. Good game. Loving this game, interesting story and puzzles need some thought, great graphics and images. 5*.

Freezes all the time if you go to fast in the game.. I'm disappointed everything was going great until I reached a certain point where I am stuck and can't go any further I know what I need to do to progress in the game I looked it up and the user's guide I need to use the Barrette to pick the lock that sitting underneath the tree with the bees but it will not let me clicking on the hint and it says there's nothing to do here right now for all unlocked areas I'm glad I didn't pay. Enjoying game only thing is it's very slow an sluggish to respond when I tap to do anything. So far so good at the minute. Lags very bad..

Enjoyed the game puzzles good no glitches nice to play the whole chapter. Had to uninstal 5 min into the game,too slow not responding well.Shame cause story & grafics as always, gr8t.Thts why i dont give 5*. I very much enjoy the app! The art is beautiful and I love the music! I just sit and listen to it at times and good story as well! I hope you are going to come out soon with some more free games! Ty! Very enjoyable!. So far so good, I've put 3 at the moment as I've not played it long enough yet. Once I have played for a bit longer I will change the rating.. Awesome.

Bought skips twenty minutes didn't work. LOVE IT SO FAR VERY CHALLENGING. Good. Usually give 5 stars to all your games because I love them so much, but like others have written, the lag time is rather frustrating. Artwork and graphics though stunning as usual! Great storyline and puzzles too!. Sadly I was unable to play this game as the puzzles and animations wouldn't work at all. Normally I've had no problems with apps from this developer except for the previous one in the same series. It's a shame..

Ripped me off. Paid an initial 3 for coins n gems and then paid 89p for 20mins of skips. Went to skip a puzzle and kept being directed back to payment window. The skip didn't work and I lost my 20mins. So now I can't advance on the game as I am stuck. This is why I usually prefer to pay for my game rather than play free ones which aren't really free at all and stop you from playing. Really pissed off, want my money back and won't be playing these games again! Disappointing.. I really liked it but Very lag, it takes 5 seconds to load whenever i clicked certain places.. Enjoyed the game play and puzzles.. So far so good. Fun to play, good puzzles.

Good. Enjoy playing. Good but not as good as Five BN Games, sorry. Weak storyline.. Just what everyone else has said... it's really slow. I can click on something and it won't open for about 8 seconds. Although about 5 seconds is the average, but still slow enough to be too annoying to play. I haven't had this problem with any of your other games.. I like the game.

Fun with just the right amount of challenges. Great game good puzzles and story the puzzles are not to hard. The game keeps me interested, great graphics and responds pretty fast.. Good game so far.

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