News - Updated on April 27, 2022

Updated bonus system for armor and weapons in Horizon Forbidden West allows you to customize the damage dealt more flexibly. And thanks to the increased number of slots for power-ups, you can take away an unprecedented amount of health from enemies with just one shot.

So, the player under the nickname slazenger7 set out to get the most out of Aloy’s single salvo. The best result in the current version 1.12 is 39,518 damage. To achieve this, he had to conduct a mini-study:

  • According to the gamer’s observation, the highest damage multiplier in the game is given for hitting the head of a human opponent.

  • The level of difficulty does not affect the amount of damage done, but the number of health points of opponents depends on it.

Having decided on the target, the user upgraded the Blacksmith’s Strike high-precision bow to the maximum level and did the same with the Tenakt Strategist armor. This choice was made for a reason: high-precision bows are considered the most powerful in the game, and the chosen costume throws a bonus for mounted shooting.

A powerful “poke” does not fly into the poor fellow right away – first you need to hit him with a freezing arrow from a hunting bow. The status “frozen” allows you to increase the damage taken by the target. While the debuff is active, Aloy switches weapons, mounts, and fires a fatal shot.

The final result slazenger7 calls the maximum possible in the current patch. According to the calculations, with the applied enhancements, the bow should deal more than 40,000 damage. However, for some unknown reason, the weapon does not receive all the bonuses from concentration, which reduces its performance. The craftsman is looking forward to the upcoming fixes, and also looks into the future, mentioning the New Game + mode and possible DLC.

Till Guerrilla Games doesn’t even stutter about add-ons for Horizon Forbidden West, as he is actively patching up his creation. Updates are released weekly and will continue for some time – the team has enough work, as the flickering glitch is still not defeated.

Blacksmith’s Strike Bow (Tier 5)

  • +25% damage to distant targets.

  • +25% damage to distant targets.

  • +25% damage while cloaked.

  • +25% damage while cloaked.

  • +25% damage from above.

Armor “Strategist Tenakt” (level 5)

  • +2 Mounted Archer (original armor bonus).

  • Damage while disguised in ranged combat.

  • Damage on low health.

In addition, slazenger7 unlocked all available skills and chose:

  • Focused Shot as a weapon technique.

  • Max-level Marksman as a burst of courage.

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