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Epic Conquest 2 is a fundamental Single-Participant Movement/Journey RPG with distinctive contact on struggle and story, supplying you with an experience that’s laborious to look out for in a similar type! This enterprise is rigorously crafted by small, nonetheless passionate worker of 4 people. And if yhaveady carried out Epic Conquest sooner, you could uncover how far this sport is superior!

Epic Conquest 2 Mod APK v1.8.5 (Unlimited Materials)

if i can give a 10 stars i'd love to. some minor fix need to improve like buttons alignment I can't dodge more effectively because dodge was too close to attack button 1.) if it can be adjust to make it small and positioning of buttons. 2.) targeting not quite well the aim always prioritize the little ones than the boss some strategy needs to hit boss for armor breaking and finally fix the void there is maps that you TP to void and cant get out unless restart THAT IS ALL. THANKS. I hope that this game will be Finnish nice game. I got 30 gift box and 100 tree how do I exchange it with costumes? Do I need to finished the login day in the Christmas event? It says 3 days more and it's finished. ??. How can I regain my lost progress if I am to play with another device from the previous one I used. Great game. Nice story. Love this game.. Game is good. Can I suggest, in the main story please add an skip button, for instance when you fail for the first time and the same scene comes up again or you can just remove it and don't play it again just go straight to the fight because it's tiring the same scene plays again and again. And can you do something about the skills of the boss fights to better time to evades their attacks? Thank you. Nice game.

This is one of my most favorite game. My Android phone is 5.0 above but still can't doing the app. So far I've been enjoying this game like the one before, it plays so smooth and the graphics are awesome. No complaints so far. Awesome game. Release date for next part of the story?. Please the remaining materials can buy rubies please i want to get all materials and costumes please gaco.

Your game keep crashing pls fix or i ain't gonna be playin it again. I agree with the Skip button like everyone does. Maybe, it will need to be a Premium feature. And add more purchasing packages. And the Christmas event said that the possibility of getting Christmas Costume up to 2 costumes. And guess what, I got 3.. And I'm curious, is that a bait? So I have to buy another Character If you're interested with this Idea (Skip button and Purchase options), let me know, so we can talk about it through email. Anyway, GAME KEREN BADASSSSS . This game is a masterpiece and love the story And also plz bring Zerve the scythe user hero plz in next update. Dislike the game controls. Very hard to control when attacking creatures.. I played this game for more than an year and it's really good there are many treasure chests to collect and many places to explore and the outfits are good too sometimes the boss is hard to defeat but that's because my characters aren't level thirty..

NICE GAME WITH NICE STORY . REALLY I LIKE THE GAME AND THE ENVIRONMENT IS EXCELLENT. KEEP IT UP . I played the game before I don't know if they have updated it to the end. I really like the graphics its smooth. This is the best game I have ever played and the graphics are really good. Really great you Dev's are awesome that you have created such a beautiful and a wonderful game tha I've ever played thank you Dev's.

This game is so cool. .. i love it .. this game is fun and i like ther story and control is sow smoots and graphics and every day i play this game that all thank. Nothing short if amazing! I eagerly wait for the continuation of this awesome game.. I will offer five star rating to this game this game just needs better animations and the stories is very nice and the and you don't want to miss cut scenes but if the character said it would be a lot more fun rather than reading it. . sorry again but, this is about a problem with chamber of trials. I completed stage 13 once. And in stage 12 I completed it in 13:35 but my name is not shown on the leaderboard. This is my problem.

I really love the game but zeraf is missing i hope you make the character. I really love the game it's very intense. But I'm really having a problem about the low exp bosses give. It's hard grinding for exp and I always fight the story mode bosses, minotaur to Marlene underleveled. I did beat them but it took quite a while, defeated Marlene with both characters being 16. Can we get a way for leveling being a lot easier? Maybe an exp dungeon and such? Bosses do give 1k exp on extreme mode but it's taking a long time leveling both characters cuz they need a thousand exp. Best Anime RPG but no pets. wherever i go in the game is always crashed and i tried to lower my graphics it's still crashed. I don't know if its because of my phone or its game problem but when I first play this game I enjoy it and don't have any problem. This is the only game i have played for over a year..

I love the story of the and the graphics too.this kind of a game is what im looking for, I've play the new update it was so epic.i wish they update the game sooner so i can play it again and im very excited to play the upcoming updates thank you and good job. A very nice RPG anime style game. The characters are decently written, each have their own unique personality and are well designed. It has a zelda feel to it but in a inspired way not copying, It's an overall good game. They aren't a micro transaction forced game, while they do have it as an option you can work for most of any thing if you're willing to grind. As of this review the main story isn't finished but I'm looking forward to it. Great Job EC2 team!. its too sad to see that you abandoned your first game 1 year ago.. please fix the bugs there the worse thing that happened to game ,because it stop working when moving on to the scenes and battles .If you want your game to go popular ,fix bugs and graphics for better experience for gamer on your next game and present one's. Put this game on iOS the game is phenomenal, the gameplay, story, graphics all but cant play on iOS if there a way plz tell me.

You know it was so fun and changing to play,i like the character style and yhthe attack and skills looks so beautiful. Fun as ever but I hope the map indicator would be a bit more accurate. I mean it gets confusing once in a while. And also hoping they would add pets soon much better if we could mount on them^^. i played the game just the time before i updated it. and now after the 1.8.5 update, whenever i open the game i just ended up in an eternal black screen dead end. i thought it was just a simple crash but it was persistent. i have done every recovery options like clearing cache, data and even tried the uninstall/reinstall cycle. i am using an android 7 phone. if there is a change in spec requirements you should let me know, otherwise your game experiencing issues right now pls fix it.. When will the next update come I want it more earlier and more chances for treasure boxes to get rubys or events to win rubys.Louisa is amazing and nice hope that the skills that will appear will be wonderful.I want more chances and challanges to get rubys to purchase characters and hope for more story lines, new adventures,challanges to gain rubys.I admit that this is one of exciting game and don't feel bored to play.. Been playing this game since a month also ended and completed every achivement possible to complete why saying possible becus the item drop rate are very poor even when u kill a elite boss on extreme it literally makes you feel like you are suffering to play lagging at many points even though i have a high end phone the main thing I hate the most was item drop rate plz fix this we can't get even uncommon full set Armors and weapons i love the game but hate the terrible item drop system 1 star.

I love the new update but i have a problem about the new character Louisa every final attack near the wall or map the final attack won't shot near the wall is that a bug or it's normal?. I have one problem Why does it have only level 1 to buy a new crector?. Update is cool new character nice the old character in epic conquest 1 but story line what I want to continue here I don't know if my phone or the game but it's lagg a little bit but still I love playing this game . thank you so much. I always support you dev.. My account was wrongfully banned. It'd be nice if you could look into it..

I play EC2 everyday, 8AM for daily quest and grinding. i started playing a month after it launched claris and chase it the only character available that time. i grind and to my best to obtain my gold, items, and ruby from my hardwork. yet i got banned? why because i have many rubies and gold? this is not fair. hopefully other players read this and learn that even you didnt cheat or violate any rules, you can still get banned if others report you. I REGRET INSTALLING AND PLAYING EPIC CONQUEST 2.. I really love epic conquest 2 I'm glad to see all my favorite character back from the first game love it hello how can I fix this little problem I'm having when I go onto the game it's telling me account banned what should I do. I love the game so much, keep it up I love epic conquest 2. Can you please make the skills and basic attack aimable Pretty please . I have downloaded it and it runs smoothly the game is good.

I love this game, this game is my favorite one because, I can adventure anything in this game, and so I do it of my self, I think this game must be good with NVC like can talk, and the character can talk too, not like a Statue. The end that is from me. The game is good, but when I watch ads for extra prize, the adds can't be closed. I really love epic conquest 2 but I just give 4 star for a reason the game has not bring it's full potential so may I suggest the following for your future update *Quest must be access repeatedly so rubies will be easier *Bring up the level capacity *If possible add more storage limit so we can collect as much as we want. Its a really fun game !! Theres so many adventures to go on and if you wanna level up then its easy! Ive had this game for almost a week and Im already almost done! Im just now updating it! Love it, good job creators !!. I really love the game the graphics the motion... but sometimes there's a bug when you're stuck in the battlefield when you drink some position the game will glitch and that's my problem...oh there's one thing if you fix this game fix they're characters in fast level because the game will be boring to the players because they spend a lot of time leveling there energy and they get a lot boring that's all and I hope that would be the next update of this game..

I love the quality this game considering that there are very few developers. Keep up the good work, stay safe and be healthy. Thank you for providing us with better content everytime.. Totally the best game ever make sure when this game is completed y'all make a 3rd part of epic conquest i bet it would be amazing also please let louisa and zerav meet in the near future . Hope to see many version of epic conquest like 3 4 5 6 etc. If epic conquest2 is finished And many offline openworld games like epic conq. Also created by gaco. well I like the game but my favorite character is not in here it's the soul collector. after update i buy all stuff i need. my account is link to gmail got roll back and i cant access it now. i already contact you pls see dm mail..

It's beyond in everything rpg I played offline but the daily login doesn't reset even daily mission doesn't reset. SoPlease change it. Really this game is amazing but there is some error in my game .And thank you for making this game offline this is the best anime game ever.. I hastenly downloaded the update hopimg to continue where I left off but now you guys left me heartbroken. Pls help after updating I can't log in anymore pls fix this asap devs, my phone is Huawei and does not have Google play... It's legit. It's too legit. Can't spot any flaws. Make another thrilling game like this. A legit new story, legit characters, legit combat, and different bosses and opponents. If only the game can continue forever. It's too good to be that cheap. Keep up the good work guys. Make another one, epic conquest 3. I would love that. .

The game is a very awesome one. I especially like the cutscenes and the gameplay itself is exquisite. It makes me want to play even more so you find out what happens next and how the story will end. Well done GacoGames. Keep it up. For an update, I would request making it more smooth so that the players can enjoy the quality while playing and try to fix this error : Sometimes whil I'm playing, the game can suddenly close down on me. It doesn't happen that frequently but please fix it .. My favorite ARPG game after Genshin. Plot is pretty great, doesn't consume tons of space & ram. Gameplay is also great. Although I wish the game had more frequent updates.. The game is great. One of the best anime RPG games I've ever played. I don't have any problems that's why I rated 5-stars. So far the best game I've ever played. Well done dev. This game if really fun to play but sad AL's skills got nerfed.

I downloaded this game but a little while into the intro I was forcefully logged out since then it keeeps on repeating itself. C est un bon jeu je le conseil vivement. It's quite a good game, but there are some to improve and fix. Such a movement is still stiff and combat movement action is also stiff, delayed skill cast, and I face a bug about unable to open setting, it just show an empty screen without any button after tap the setting button near the mini map. Good luck for the developer~ More Bugs : sometime enemies don't receive damage when hit em, sometime no ads reward boost for boss chest, and game lag when active camera rotation.. why is our main quest replay replay if we defeat Usgaban?. Finally, i can play my favorite character now... thank's for adding Louisa on to the game and i can't wait for next update and story Still waiting for Zerav on update and their journey .

Not too long ago that I discovered this game. And to tell the truth it was amazing! I really love all the characters design and the storyline, especially Clarise. Even thought the game gets laggy sometimes, It's still enjoyable and fun to play. Keep up the Good Work. The game epic conquest 2 is the best and interesting game I have seen but the problem is that they should add multiplayer in the game to look more interesting. thank you for the good game. I don't want to say anything this game is . This game keep on stoping please fix it .

The story is getting better and better cant wait for the next update by far the best rpg game i have ever played. Totally worth playing LOVE IT SO MUCH. I'm gonna use a mod Apk for Louisa so please don't ban me. There r still some bugs like overlapping bgm when failing boss fights or bgm failed to play but overall it is enjoyable to me. I love it's like you are in anime.

The first one was great already, but this one is REALLY good. It's better than most mobile games, besides the hidden gems like Another Eden and the like. It's so massively underrated in this, and it has lots of content. The story is, I'll admit, generic. But the plot points and character dynamic are good enough to keep you invested. Also there are lots of anime cliches (lol) The combat is really good. It might feel clunky at first but if you get into it it feels really good. Overall, amazing.. best game like playing tales of symphonia. Please help me. I'm an Android emulator on pc and the app won't open after the last update. I use phoenix os. This is a fun little game. It's one of the few quality games on mobile. Story is nice (as of V1.8.5), its lightweight on lower end devices, and can be play offline. Grinding can be tiredsome and at times can feel unrewarding, but once you make it to the top, it will be be easy and prepared for the next major update. The gacha is actually a downside but luckily, it's not a priority nor a emphasized mechanic. I really like this game as well as the last one and can't wait to see how it all ends.. It is really fun. All the adventures and tasks that you must complete and the rewards you obtain by them.

I love this game 10 out of 10 But it is kinda grindy but i like it anyways Would be better if it was easier. I love this game ... I loved playing the first one and continuing the story on the second one is fun. This one is a bit hard and I spend hours and hours leveling but it's worth it ... So far I'm totally loving the story. nice game and please keep up the good work. Its the best arpg game i've ever played. Thank you for updating happy new year .

It's a great I'm glad it now has an open world aspect,didn't finish the first game though I'm ganna have to.. Keren batt nih game asli dua kelinci. Game is so much fun I tried suggesting this game to my friends who wants offline rpg game so I recommended EC2 I've been playing it for a 1 year and I unlocked all characters I wish if you could update it fast(). I'm sad cuz i can't get my fav character Louisa cuz I can't defeat Marduk and idk where he is but still I'm giving it a 3 star. I love the game it is fun to play but sometimes there's bug were you'll get stack somewhere when fighting in boss rush. But it only occur once and it will take time for it to happens again. Running the game it smooth and you can easily acquire costume just by doing daily mission, side missions, looking for hidden chest and secrets. You can also easily get some potions and resources it is a great game I love it..

so i need to wait for the next update inorder for me and the story to continue?. These game bring back my old memories these is the 1st rpg game I ever played. Captivating, the storyline showcased with the right characters and controls with good open world. The game exit on it's on before starting and it being doing it more often it's does not work fix it. Well it is the best offline game I have ever played.But leveling up is really hard.

There's a bug in the werewolf boss cause when playing the boss got stunlocked in place and i killed it and progressed, I'm just informing cause its not normal that boss gets stuck also i think has something to do with the character chase.. I love the gameplay and the storyline, just as good as part one.. Awesome, no issues! This is the best game ever! ( in my opinion). Nice. Have nothing to say more, probably one of the best RPGs I have ever played in my life.. Very Good Game. Please add pvp , and extra buff that depends on your partner char.

After playing the epic conquest 1 I immediately install the epic conquest 2 and it was super awesome as expected it has a really good graphics . I love the game and the combat, i would put 4-5 star but something i would want you to put some on the game or fix,1st i would like the game to put some adjustments on the control,2nd can you put where you can connect ur acc on fb,3rd if is okay to put our name on character,and the final is if you dont open the game for a week the game won't work i start reopen and restart my phone but it won't work please do something thats all i want you to do Merry Christmas & Happy new year. Pls, read my message on your fb page. I already paid your offer and premium pass but I still didnt get it..

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