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The game Epic Heroes War is a representative of the strategy genre of the game, made in real time. The developers managed to combine seemingly two incompatible genres in one game, a network side-scroller and a role-playing game. The creators of the game offer to try their hand at creating and managing your own army. On the way she will get up a variety of hordes of enemies. In this regard, you will have to make every effort to complete the tasks. Your army can be represented by twenty different heroes, each with their own unique ability. Throughout the game you have to find various items, of which there are more than 250 pieces. And also you will face twenty different troops. In total, the game has 60 levels created in the campaign mode. However, if you do not have the desire to play the game alone, you can use this game mode as online PvP. Well, where without bosses that will lie in wait for you at the end of most levels.

Epic Heroes Gift Codes (2023 March)
List of Gift Codes Expiration date
S5RN1WOMC4V August 2, 2022
DSC2Q4XIOK August 13, 2022
AKCLW896H August 15, 2022
BMX098NJTLA July 23, 2022
7NVOLGB5JD84 July 18, 2022
5GF8D6E0C91 July 15, 2022

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