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In that insanely interesting game, several different game genres are combined at once. You can download Epic Heroes War: Gods Battle Great Wars for android and enjoy the strategic gameplay style where all levels and actions take place in real time. Moreover, this game allows you to use the power of the role-playing mode and make choices in especially difficult situations and historically important moments. Immediately start recruiting the greatest and most powerful heroes of the future into your army, who will be ready to follow you into a large-scale war. Ahead are waiting for a meeting with many bosses and armies of the enemy.

Epic Heroes War: Gods Battle Great wars
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2Z5ITWBAU1H December 4, 2022
8QWG3X4FPI November 5, 2022
J38ILSYZD October 24, 2022
KC4ULD2T0PW November 13, 2022
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JC0TVIBQ8ER October 27, 2022
M9ZUEPXK7A1 November 23, 2022
BF0PU5J72Y October 28, 2022
8OAMXUR49 October 26, 2022
WR6DO1S58QY December 1, 2022
C0GVZ4YSED1B October 28, 2022
7IQ6NX1DA0F November 19, 2022

If you decide to download Epic Heroes War: Gods Battle Great Wars for Android, then you will get acquainted with the following features:

  • Several dozens of various legendary heroes and the same number of types of combat units are ready to rush into battle;
  • More than two hundred unique items that are used to upgrade the skills and abilities of your hero;
  • An original story campaign consisting of sixty exciting levels with tense stories;
  • Multiplayer game mode, where it will be possible to engage in battles with friends and other heroes;
  • Several varied global maps and epic boss battles.

Real Time Battles This will be the most amazing and interesting game for you with fantastic graphics and atmosphere. Great battles for supremacy lie ahead, both in the hellish lands and in the heavenly kingdom. Enter the battle with a wide variety of epic bosses and create your own army, which will include only the best heroes. Pump up the level of their skills and constantly improve their abilities to prepare warriors for new global wars and captures of enemy territories. You must become a legend in these worlds.

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