Codes - Updated on September 14, 2022

Episode Feat Mean Girls is a fantastic app where you need to create your own unique life story, strive for popularity and wealth.

List of Gift CodesExpiration date
YE6QB9AXHDPAugust 10, 2022
XI2GZURO5MSeptember 4, 2022
FLD7GMINCAugust 13, 2022
0458O6SD23VJuly 21, 2022
M1GHNWLT56CXAugust 5, 2022
DX7MGBS5FOQJuly 25, 2022

Start the game with the Mean Girls sequel, now go to high school, have fun, meet popular characters from the movie, find your boyfriend. Beware of Regina, she will create bad luck for you. You are waiting for the opportunity to create your own style and clothes, flirt and find true love, communicate with popular and cool guys. Graduation will also please, which can be made a date, invite all your friends there. Browse through the suggested story genres – from love melodramas to thrilling adventures – and choose yours. The future, success and satisfaction with the game depends on your choice.

Indulge in romantic feelings, and let the prince fall in love. Solve secrets and be brave when you see trouble. Dress up the hero with taste and reveal individuality. Emily’s freshman and roommate became famous for being flirtatious and popular at school. Was Emily strong enough to get him? Will they be able to be together? Choose and see what happens at the end of your stories!

Download ( V23.20 )
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