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Conventional Room Escape Sport “Escape sport: jail journey 3” Launched. It’s a fundamental puzzle sport, You should not miss it! Many alternative kinds of rooms, Can help you regularly observe, resolve, and calculate, until escape. A wide range of fulfilling for you, Positively worth your get hold of. If you end up confused, Humanized hints, Allow you to flee. Thrilling journey, so you possibly can’t stop …

Escape Game Prison Adventure 3 Mod APK 30 (Unlocked)

Good game. I love this game but the problem is that the game is it changed the puzzle. Good. Jello Kiosk. Nice graphics is beautiful. Rth.

Really nice game. Fun game. . Good. So tricky.

Very good game. Good game. I love this game because i like puzzle games. Awsome. Not so much good but good.

The game is good but it has some difficult puzzles there's a puzzle I failed I tried but it's difficult now even today that's where I am , the game is awesome but some difficult puzzles change the settings only those please and keep it up. Very good. Exellent game. Goodgame its very hard. I love this game.

Nice really love it always keep me busy. Nice. What a good game. Nice. Good.

The best game. Nice. Good. This is amazing Game . .

Cool. Good to go. . Very hard to guess what's next and would like more info on certain puzzles but great game. Good game and enjoyable.

Nice. The game is very good. Hints four my game tips please get the hints. Lovely game. Brilliant game.

Good game, hints are easy to get. Gifici. Wow so fun. fgh. The game is so good I put be every bit of it Though the ads just don't do their purpose at time.

Good and challenging game. Good graphics game ever but we need more missions. Amazing game. Good game. Niec.

I'm not going to lie like everyone else just to seem intelligent.the fact is only the people who made this game know how to play it. You can watch people skipping the majority of the puzzles on YouTube walkthroughs if you like. Even when these diehard gamers do manage to do something without skipping it makes you wonder how many times and hours they put in trying to work it out and you still don't understand how they came to the conclusion because it's such a stretch and random. No fun here!. It's good . Great game. Best. Good game ruined by lack of instructions which makes it frustrating.

Nice game. Great game. Good. Difficult but interesting. I love this game is good you can download and enjoying it.

Only been playing a couple hours. So far I like the game. Will update rating after playing longer. Very nice. Good. One of my toughest game... it's so amazing . Love it so far.

I like a challenge the style of this game series is unique and fun to play. I also find the spin for hints where you lose if you land on an ad, no hint tough luck is just slightly evil. Tough enough to intrigue but solveable with some thought and you can watch a walk thru....great game get it for a real adventure escape.... Great. Fun game. Good and I appreciate. good game.

Stupid game slow and without hints you stuck in one place. It ok. So good is making me feel better and weak up my mind. Gang. good game.

Not bad but no fighting just puzzle no exciting experience. I love this app it is the best. Nice game. For fun and extra money. Like this game.

Grette game. Very nice. Good game. Goog game.... Time killer. I love this game.

Very clever game. Well worth the time. Lots of puzzles the require some thinking. Good and hard game. op game. Great game. Awesome game! Loved all 3 of them...A must play!.

Updating my rating and hoping the glitches are fixed now, a year later. When I played, game had froze on me at least 7x. I had to force stop to play again. Not fun. Puzzles do not give instructions!!! This is my biggest problem with this developer. I've said in previous reviews, give instructions. It's fun to solve puzzles. Hints should be a guide to solving. Hints should not completely solve the puzzle 1st round. It takes the fun out of the game. Listen to your players. Give clear instructions. . Nice game i like it so much.... I really like this game. .

Geart fun. This is the best game I've played yet. Incredible game.I can't say any thing .. Dope game . If There is Anything More than Five Star i will give this game, its really fantastic and intresting.....

Awesome game and very challenging!!!!. Its a good game. Nice game with good puzzl. Is the game evriy good. 10q.

the best. Probably the best one yet out of all the "escape the prison" games. Like it a lot.. it's fun. good. This stuff is real sht.

Nice one. It's ok so far hope that there will be some fun to come. wow. Good. Very niceso love it thanks.

This game is very bad. Very good game.. It fun to play the it great. Good. .

unique and is a very exciting game. Good. Experience may have been improved with some guidance notes _but, generally - good !!!. Very nice. Good game. Good game.

Escape game:prison. It nice. Pleas make it litle eassy.. Great game. i love it.

This game is stupid. Intersting game. I love this game but it's to hard to play other level. Way too hard. Too many frustrating puzzles that needed ages to do or just get hints from dozens of ads. I'm sure some would enjoy the challenge but many puzzle solutions were very obtuse. There were almost no hints anywhere to solving puzzles.. Beast spay game in the world.

Good game. Meh. good. Good game however the ads a bit much. Great game the best I've ever played.

Cool. Super game I so love this game amazing. . Good i enjoy it.. Cool.

Great job. Good game exciting. Well this game is more fun and awesome than i thought it would be. Nice game But difficult.

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