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Play alongside your friends and different avid gamers from your PC or Mobile. Choose a profession and craft epic devices starting at stage 10, wrestle raid bosses in world server events that occurs 4x a day. Fight different avid gamers in a fast-paced PVP battle and uncover a fantastic fantasy open world.

Eternal Quest Mod APK 2023.3.10 (Unlimited Money)

Some maps cannot be teleport unless you pay real money. Sad. Pay to win.. I dislike how the blond looks becuases it may come offf like that of the stigma that all girls should be like that . Login via Google Play doesn't work. So far........ ugh... I CANT PUT IT DOWN!! ITS DEFINITELY CLASSIC STYLE AS YOU SEE!! It COULD use some added improvements but nothing that makes it unsatisfying or non enjoyable. Love the idea of everything gameplay and story so far you definitely cannot get lost but you do have to go into your quest log and track your quest objective again but not that bad. Hope to see you in there the names Lostaley.. I dont like that google shows a security prompt that asks to trust the app when I make a new account, got sketched out so I didnt make an account. probably fine but not worth the risk. (5 stars cuz I didnt wanna leave a 1 star cuz I didnt play it). The map was too wide and the mobs are less. Also too many obstacle. Just make a map that can be teleported freely. No guide on where to level up based on the map..

Disappointed I really wanted to like the game ,but it's all over the place..the map sucks. The so called quest sucks.if y'all put a little more effort into the game I'd give you a 5 star ..untill then I have to uninstall it,I probably will forget about it,redown load it and be just as hopefully by the time I forget and reinstall the game y'all would have put some work into it ...thank you for reading ...Have a good day . Unexpected that I could go to spider forest and win over champions, straight away (?). Lvl 2 introduces the premium hint, causing the inevitable uninstall.. Installed and tried 2 times with at least 2hrs of gameplay, uninstalled 2 times. maps are way too wide and has too much 'obstacles'. auto track can lead you to a direction but not the pathway. you can teleport, but youd need a premium access ($). you have to pick stuff manually one by one, or you can buy ($) an auto-loot function. i agree that these are just 'conviniences', but on this game, if you don't have it then youd have to be 'inconvinienced' 2x or 3x more than someone who pays. 3stars. Good game got ti level 64 before it stopped letting me login idk why my name is b0aty in game hope it fixes it self so I can enjoy the game again thank you. The game was great for the first five minutes - then I realized, as I was grinding through monsters, MY EXPERIENCE KEPT DECREASING, INSTEAD OF INCREASING! FIX the level up system and I will happily change my review..

This game took data files from server each frames, on my screen only background and several icons,vno characters image load, i wait several minutes.... I played for 15 minutes... The game does not explain anything and it's pretty boring. Couldn't figure out why items in your inventory had no description at all, and at that point I didn't care and just uninstalled.. The game is not bad has alot of maps and lots to do but its kind of a set path. For examle all skills are prechosen for you all you do is reach the lvl required for each skills so there is really no skill trees that you get to choose from. The weapons are all exactly the same. Its easy to get them to max and totally easy to aquire the materials. Now to the graphic i really thing there is a mistake on the part of the creators because its common to see you armour equipted on you character(not here. I mean I love the game its just the navigation around the maps could be much easier. Its sooo hard to figure out where to go because everything looks the same. A hill looks the same as a flat surface. Deleting the game for this reason. I cant figure out where to go because the quest points in a direction thats impossible to travel too or around.. First impressions after playing a little: (+) Combat, I like playing archer in mmos because I like keeping enemies at distance and avoid getting damage this way. In so many mmorpgs the combat system is so trash that you can't do that but thankfully that isn't the case here. (-) Readability, idk if it's just my eyesight that's so bad but this is the only game where reading text strains my eyes..

This is better when the best online games I played out there for tablets and phones it has a big variety of hard levels and an open terrain that you have to fight in and each class has its own unique abilities and toughness and things of its nature I think I I think little horse language diverse language but I played with all sorts of people once even could understand me and it was still fun and enjoyable I play a healer and I enjoy playing healer I love the variety of classes you have a transla. I don't really like it much, the gameplay is probably ok but man the art style is just not there. It's not as good as Harvest Town, Labyrinth Legend, and Land Of Spirit art style, and the character model is just terrible, on top of that when you Equip an armor it doesn't show on your characters appearance. I can't play a game when the Gameplay is ok but the art style is just garbage. Every time I play it just makes me cry. The game is good so far but 2000 gold coins for just two slots inventory is just cruel please can you change it. Refuses to let me play on anything but Wi-Fi even though my 5G is better constantly kicking me from the game when I'm in the middle of a fight which causes you to lose XP wasting an hour's worth of work there's a lot of games that have way better graphics and work just fine there's no reason this one shouldn't. Cant connect with google or register..

Worst UI ever on mobile.. Absolutely not playable.. A lot of potential BUT, first thing that I have to say is the maps are ridiculously huge, the inventory space is very small to start out with unless you grind your head off to buy a few extras till/or pay to upgrade (bundles are best), same can be said about warehouse aka storage but it cost even more to upgrade. Thankfully the warehouse is account bound, sadly inventory is not. The leveling system is interesting and not to slow.. Good game but.many abandoning the game bcoz the game so many bugs and lags. I think the admin don't care about farm site, the items dont have a proper stats.silently players going to delete this game. Until it rates 1.1 . There should be more classes and character customization. Edit: Updated my review to 3 stars only because you didn't give me an automatic reply like the 3d mmorpg developers do.. My character was randomly deleted. So yea. A well deserved 1 star..

I cant even login is so hard to me is too hard pls make it easy. Game is overall good, but i get a lot of kicks and I cannot enter the game because it says my character is online.. there is no trouble with my Internet connection... Will give 5 if kicks stop. Poor bag slot, this game money and coin power!. Good game however lags are kinda annoying. Seems like a fun game, but there premium and other features seem to require Brazilian currency. As a person in North America, I keep getting errors from PayPal. :(.

One of the best mmo i played , but it have some minor bugs . Maybe it can be one reason many players rated this game with one star. Overall for me its a great game. This game has a potential.. Masuknya masih berat Tolong kayak rucoy online. Interesting for a game made by satanic whorshipers. Yea played this game before the games toxic rep reminds me of the other bit games with toxic servers and abusive devs. The slur of reviews saying this justice is 1 star.. Decent game pretty fun. Map is terrible only can see select area plus no names or locations on it. Game is unique u find spell book for ur class or the other classes. Can buy and sell everything u collect. Monster spread seems pretty bad and leveling is pretty insanely difficult. Maybe because the monster spread and locations aren't listed so you spend a large amount of time aimlessly walking. Some of areas are poorly shaded so doesn't seem like you can move on them. Need mounts then 5/5.

Unity games seem to be getting worse and worse server connection the more games they make.. No Google Play log in. Too bad looks like a fun game. There is some problem in this game. I just downloaded it and it is not even opening it just shows black screen for few seconds and then i get back on my home screen and i even re-download it 2 times now but it is showing this problem again and again. Pls fix this i really wanted to try this game.. ARENT ANY-GUIDES AT INTERNET AND0R HELP AT GAME & I HAVENT SLIGHTEST-CLUE EXEPT 0F TINY-AM0UNT 0F STUF I DID EXBERIENCED. A mobile game you can only play when at home on a wifi network. These devs have to be complete idiots..

download and install the game than i create an account. after done creating an account. i sign-in to game and create character and download all the extended files. almost going to finish download all the extended files than suddenly gone black. can tell me what happened?! thanks very much.. I gave 2 stars because First, the game is very glitchy. It always summons a new entity or sprite and the game does not delete it like the joystick, it duplicates, so it becomes very laggy and wierd. Second, some buttons dont work. Like the exit button. It only puts it at the middle back of the game. Third, atleast give the players a tutorial based on their devices. Fourth, think of the game, What does the game lack? Fifth, theres no graphics. Pls fix this.. It is a pretty good mobile game, although I don't see many people play it anymore. When I play the game it keeps freezing up and it's getting annoying, I want to play the game without problems because it has potential but please fix it, and also please make the items have descriptions like telling us what a item does because I get confused and I might of wasted some items so please do that to because it will help most of us.. Ayo holup first review lets go i am currently downloading the game but it honestly seems pretty cool kinda like a game i used to play a couple years ago called rotmg (realm of the mad god).

Keep Crashing on me please Fix it Xtreaming Games I'll rate it 5 stars once you fix it. Game wont start. Try to open it after downloading and it says there was a launch error. Waste of data. just download the app.. Everytime i click the icon.. then... crash.. so.. 1 star coz its unable to play.. So heres my first impression i really hate when it takes so long for the UI to show up not sure what its called but i think its called UI i really love the other mechanics such as Hunting,Quest,Attributes,Skills but atleast put a aoe basic attack in the warrior theres many flaws but i think this game would really be good when the flaws are fixed not too much skills i like it the attribute like passive its good although the quest pathing bubble type is hard to see its better if arrow Word Limit. It won't even load the game I log in and I click my character and select the server it loads this goes back to the home screen of the game. If I could play the game I would give it more stars but I can't even play the game.

3star bcos if the server is normal i cant enter to play and stock in to fix that problem??im from PH country my internet is using vivo 20i..pls fix. Overall it's a fun game but the skills are way to slow compared to the leveling and all mag classes need a aoe atk and healing spell. Needs to be compatible with Bluestacks! Also, controls work when they want to some times, and lack of tutorial doesn't help either!. I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy s21, I'm enjoying the game however the only graphics I have is a Red Dot. This screenshots show characters, but I don't have any sprites on my screen.. Really fun retro mmo! Like an rpg version of gauntlet with multiplayer..

Boring.. map too big.. hard to find a quest... This is really a good game, if the developers add more New features which doesn't requires level upgrading ,having unlimited professions and different unique skill for every single player would make this game unique and a great game.I really like this game.. Sorry, but I couldn't play the game. It frozed twice during the character selection and forced me to re-enter both times. Once I finally did started to play, it froze again during the story in the beginning again causing me to re-enter. Then I finally got to play but the left joystick was very buggy and it was hard to move around. Then it froze again that's when I uninstalled. I think this game has very great potential and maybe one day I'll come back. Good luck to the developers.. Game keeps freezing on me . It lets me log in but I get maybe 5 to 10 seconds of play then it freezes up. The short time I did play I enjoyed it for maybe 25 35 minutes all together. I will uninstall and install again. Nice game but i hate when my weapon not visible while moving. It only visible you shot spell shot or steady/standing. Can you change that keep the weapon visible while moving..

game do have some bugs, but developers actually try to help, I played for couple days, it's not bad, but all I can think of is; great world creation, good monster, good game play, interesting level up system, good ui... but it doesn't have storyline, quests is not fun(mindless farming is more rewarding than quests!), and no chain quest or anything interesting and rewarding, and professions are not balanced and not necessary and rewarding, and biggest problems are; one city(based on map online).. A gem in the rough! The game is fun and characters are cute. 5 fun unique class. 3 options to choose for your profession. World bosses! Enchanting equipment.. Make a quest list on the side of the screen and not everything needs to be agro "chasing after you". Decent, but the ingame auction house need government intervention. You can expect a game with low pop to have a self regulation economy. 1.000.000 for almost every item in the AH is just silly xD. the best fast gameplay ever you will love to play this game.. and this games graphic is too good.. go for it.

This is very good game i really like this. He is very good game i am playing this he very amazing i really like this game. I really like the game. It's really great, I hope it will get better & better. Should add secret events, rescue missions. Awesome game and very easy to play his gameplay was excellent and amazing. This is one of the best application in the play store I really like this app I am use this application I am fully satisfied for this.

It keeps lagging so I have to discinnect it. When I come back, I'm already dead and lose a lot of exp. This has been happening for 5 times already. I keep coming back to lvl 25 and it's just ridiculuous. The game is a fun time-killer but it becomes unfair in times like these.. Make creating accounts easier. You're pushing away a huge sum of people by making things slightly more complicated than it should be. Creating an account should be easy and not time consuming.. This game is slow and out dated, controls are slow and biggie.. Not worth your time after lv 80. How are you supposed to level up if the game constantly boots you, enemies kill you while waiting 2-3 mins to reconnect, and you lose a whole level in exp every time? What a shame!. Just sad came back to check comment ratings and all I see are bots giving 5*.

Eternal Quest is a very nice application in the play store so it's very important application.. Eternal Quest is a very best application in the play store I really appreciate it.. Eternal Quest is a very good application in the play store.. Super mmo with huge potential can easily dominant Android mmo would keep up good work. Such a great game they desreves 5 stars for best devlopment raj.

Great game i am happy to use it nice one they desreves 5 stars Raj. I can't create account. It says "Cannot connect to destination host" too bad i want to play the game.. Great game a bit grindy and the amount of materials needed to craft items is a drag.. Super MMO with tons of potential . If you like old school style RPGs and MMO games then this is ideal . The game works very well on mobile and performance is great . Windows could be more mobile friendly ( perhaps full screen ) as sometimes they open off centre or to large for screen .. I'm playing with pc and sometimes on emulator the game is lit and fun no auto so you need to grind manually for all improvements keep up the good work devs.

Fun and no pressure to spend just a chill grind. It is a good game but it doesnt have ch creation. Really cool, but the quests is lile essay ://. About where find zeslosh boss on lv 50? Where find location . If using find location as nothing?. I have quest.. Power abusers lvl 300+ pking lvl 30s and 60 uninstalled toxic community.

This game get 1 star because of freezing all the time. I can't pass level one because of it. they need to fix the very problem. Ugly and too many steps to get to the point where you'll realize that.... Game has idle options but it also says 'we will ban you if you go idle or afk'. When i kill monsters getting their drop items/gold is very annoying thing to do. I think it should be pick up automaticaly.. This is a total waste of time, while loading it says validating connection more than once, then it wants me to update client. I just installed the dang thing and haven't been able to play once. Uninstalled!.

Great game But you need to update the characters because from what I've seen in the character selection the pictures are great but the real characters in game is not even close to the pictures from character selection Its like yall just change their costumes and hair colors and nothing more. Rapaz, jogo muito bom. Parabns. S o nico defeito, ele um Pay to Win, cabra lvl 10 correndo e matando mais do que eu no lvl 20 as Wasp. Ou ele um hacker. Todo mundo corre naquele jogo s eu que no. Algo de errado no est certo.. Good game. Not what I wanted at the moment.. I really like the game. It's really great, I hope it will get better & better. Should add secret events, rescue missions, also it's nice to see a natural npc's who lives on that game that levels itself and interact sometimes to the players, or just some villagers who has a mind, it will be unique than any other games, but for now I really see great potential from this game. Good job Developers! . Boo, apps that require my email and are nothing more than a game I might play for a month or until it begins to die. I dont need an account with you. See ya later..

Simple game easy to Level up. 2 stars for the things I need to download every time I open the game. Been playing for a couple of days now and so far it's great. It surpassed my expectations. Not sure if there are group dungeons but i hope there are. That's one thing i miss in mmorpg on android. Good group content. It seems mmorpg nowadays forgot how to do it right... Anyway, highly recommend to try this game.. Really fun old school mmo game, an I'm happy to say that the game doesn't fill your screen with Pay screen because iv had enough with mobile mmo games that does that, So far as iv seen it's very Friendly to F2P players. I look forward to more updates. Game is great so far so good. liking the skill lvling system. Hopefully in time the game will expand even more. Needs more places to hunt more quests and more items Keep the work up and ill keep supporting.

Anime like game i feel like I'm isekaid hahah loved it. Maravilhoso... Espero que o game evolua mais e mais. Total apoio.. Just like 95% of all RPGs released on the store today, the purpose is clearly to make money. Why waste your time on a "free" game that deliberately makes things inconvenient? You could go play a different free RPG that doesn't force you to buy shop items.. Ok working now. I noticed you darkened the brightness a lot Mabe a lol too much.. 😉 .. thank you. Eh, I like the combat, but it feels a bit generic overall. The quests so far have all been kill X monsters, you talk to the NPCs once and don't even return to them after finishing their quests. The art in the character selection is very pretty, but the actual in game sprites are all kinda the same with different colors and barely resemble said character art, while not being pixelated enough to justify it. Will keep playing a while to see if the story goes somewhere interesting..

On fight auto log out. Just in this update.. I like the game but it starts dropping frames and freeze every 5 minutes. Surprisingly polished. Having fun so far.. Is this like a Nintendo DS port or something? This is absolute garbage. I havnt even played yet just wanted to say this . All of you fools dropping negative comments and ratings over a log in issue or a bug needs to open your eyes and possibly do some reaserch such as looking at recent reviews when you have an issue and see just maybe your not the only one having problems. By hard rating an app with 1 stars over a fixable bug is pure ignorance. Because 90% of you throw a tantrum and delete the app leaving a poor review. (Creating account now).

Not tour run of the mill MMO. For those looking for an experience, pick this up..

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