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We are glad to welcome you to the virtual world, which completely recreates the atmosphere of the 18th century, the era of Napoleon and exciting military battles. European War 4: Napoleon is an exciting turn-based strategy RPG for mobile devices with addictive gameplay and colorful graphics.

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There are several modes available in the game. In the “Campaign” mode, you have to complete exciting missions in the allotted number of rounds. Initially, only two missions are open, after passing which, new ones will appear. A total of 6 campaigns were implemented, consisting of 84 missions (in total), in 8 cities around the world. The Conquest mode consists of 6 maps, each of which is dedicated to a specific historical event. In this mode, you can try your hand at 40 countries. The goal is to conquer all enemy cities in 999 moves.

You have to choose which general you want to play as. The choice is huge – 200 commanders, each of whom has his own skills and abilities. At the initial stage, only basic generals with minimal skill are available. Complete missions and earn or exchange gold, food and labor in special cities. You can also get them by developing your city, building stables, farms, factories and ports. Create and upgrade your troops, develop your own combat strategy, apply already known tactics and your army will become invincible.

Can’t wait to start? Then install European War 4: Napoleon on your gadget and start an exciting gameplay.

Download ( V1.4.42 )
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