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Despite the need to work from home due to the pandemic, the creators of Apex Legends managed to make the fifth season of the royal battle the most attractive to the audience since the first. Either the charming Loba helped in this, or the players liked the idea of ​​\u200b\u200btreasures – be that as it may, users on average spent a record number of hours in the shooter.

The developers are not going to stop, and today the sixth season, “Acceleration”, has already started – with a new character, map changes, unique mechanics and other innovations. A few days ago we attended a presentation dedicated to the update, and we are in a hurry to tell you about the season in all details.

A new legend – a skilled machine gunner

With the start of the season, an additional character will appear in the game – Ramia Parek, or Rampart for short. The girl of British-Indian origin, according to senior writer of the game Manny Hagopian (Manny Hagopian), loves to joke as much as Mirage – this is a more “humorous” hero than the recently added Loba and Revenant. And her backstory is not as gloomy as some. Rampart had a small business of making modifications – she did not make weapons, but made them better and more beautiful. When her store was attacked, Blisk (the same one from Titanfall 2) invited her to take part in the Apex Games, and she quickly agreed.

Rampart is more of a defender than an attacker. Her main skill allows her to create a metal wall in front of her, over which an energy field appears after a few seconds. It absorbs enemy projectiles and increases damage when fired through it (for members of your squad). The lower half has 400 health, the upper half has 175, but there is one caveat. If the enemy starts shooting at the fence before the top part appears, it will be possible to destroy it with just one bullet.

Everything about the sixth season of Apex Legends: hero, weapons, crafting, comics…

According to the developers, when using skills, Rampart makes a lot of noise, so it will not be possible to quietly put up a barricade – everyone will hear and start shooting.

Rampart can place three barricades, after which each charge will be restored for about 30 seconds. According to shooter designer David Perera (David Perera), there can be up to five fences at the same time. The heroine’s “ult” will also help build defenses, calling a turret on the battlefield that fires 20 projectiles per second and has unlimited ammunition. The longer you shoot it, the more accurate it becomes – this is how the game rewards the aggressive use of the “ult” and defensive structures.

If you take a lot of boosters with you, you can place as many as three machine guns next to you – one for each member of the squad. But Rampart will use the cannon more effectively than others due to the passive ability – with it, each machine gun in her hands (whether Spitfire, Devotion or her own) holds 15% more ammo in the magazine, and its reload is 25% faster . So, if you prefer machine guns, SMGs and shotguns, the “passive” of the new character will not affect the gameplay in any way.

Everything about the sixth season of Apex Legends: hero, weapons, crafting, comics…

Rampart loves his machine gun so much that she even gave it a name – Sheila.

The squad from Caustic, Wattson and Rampart seem to be absolutely impenetrable – they can furnish everything inside the building with fences and traps and hide in ranked matches until the last minutes. According to Perera, Crypto’s “ult” will completely destroy this defense, and even without this hero, it will be possible to cope with the walls with the help of ordinary grenades. Of course, Wattson’s electric generator is supposed to absorb them, but Perera hinted at balance changes related to her – they were kept secret at the time of writing.

Old map, new opportunities

You should not expect a new map this season, but the old one was not without changes. The Hammond Robotics Corporation continues to conquer the World’s End map – in the fourth season they installed a planetary harvester, and in the sixth they will build a launch pad with a rocket. Those who land in this area will be able to explore four large rooms with tons of loot, as promised by lead game designer Carlos Pineda.Everything about the sixth season of Apex Legends: hero, weapons, crafting, comics…

Why Hammond Robotics needs this rocket, the screenwriter did not say.

The drilling site will be replaced by a “point of interest” with two large rooms and the highest category trophies in the center – you need to go after this prey with caution, since there are almost no shelters there. Finally, another new area will appear towards the middle of the map. All these locations have a common feature – there will be protective barriers that rise when the corresponding panels are activated and block the path.

Another major change is related to the train, which will no longer travel around the map. The tunnels he passed through (and there wasn’t really much to explore) were decorated, cover was added, and loot was scattered there in small quantities. So if it becomes necessary to run through them to the next safe zone, it will not be so dangerous to meet opponents and you can find something useful.

Everything about the sixth season of Apex Legends: hero, weapons, crafting, comics…

Before, there was nothing at all in this place.

Did not find prey – create it yourself

The main “trick” of the updated map is the loot production system. As game designer Mark Yampolski explained, this innovation is designed to equalize the chances of winning aggressive and cautious players. Prior to Season 6, the best equipment was worn by those who tried to confront opponents more often and searched their containers of death. Now, lovers of slowly exploring the surroundings will also acquire high-quality items.Everything about the sixth season of Apex Legends: hero, weapons, crafting, comics…

It is not yet known how many printers are on the map.

The location will be equipped with original 3D printers (replicators) that allow you to create items using the materials collected in the match. Weapons, modifications, first aid kits, ammo – all this will be in stock, and if some things are always available in printers, then others will change weekly or even daily. Items belonging to the last two categories cannot be found on the ground or in loot boxes. Users will be able to see what is offered in printers today even before the start of the match – in the lobby and on the waiting screen for players. “Because the items being crafted change regularly, the ‘meta’ will change a bit with them every day,” added Yampolsky.

Crafting materials is a new resource that appears in small quantities in open containers, and in much larger quantities it can be found in special deposits on the map. You won’t have to fight with allies for these materials – they all have their own. In addition, they do not take up space in your inventory, cannot be dropped or traded, and their number is reset to zero at the end of the match. If you are killed, opponents will not be able to pick them up when searching the container of death. In the event of a revival, the entire amount collected will remain with you and can be used immediately.

Everything about the sixth season of Apex Legends: hero, weapons, crafting, comics…

Even if someone uses the deposit and takes the materials, other members of the squad will also be able to get them.

Armor for each

Among other things, EVO armor points will be available in printers. Apex Legends developers continue to experiment with this idea, and now every player will wear such armor from the very beginning of the match. EVO armor is a weak body shield that gets stronger as you deal damage to non-KO targets. As soon as you shoot someone at the start of a match, you will automatically receive tier 1 EVO armor.

In this regard, the armor was rebalanced. White now has 25 health, Blue has 50, Purple has 75, and Red has 100. Higher quality body shields can still be found in containers and on the ground, and they will all be EVO armor too, so hang on there is no need for a starting shield. Thus, players have more chances to acquire high-quality equipment: they can look for armor in buildings and on the ground in the old fashioned way, attack everyone they meet and strengthen the shield with shooting, or collect materials and become stronger with the help of printers.

Everything about the sixth season of Apex Legends: hero, weapons, crafting, comics…

There will be more locations where you can get hold of prey.

To other news

The rest of the innovations were given less attention, but they do not become less important from this:

  • There were no new weapons in the fifth season, but they will appear in this one. The Volt submachine gun will become the 24th gun in the players’ arsenal. It uses energy supplies, firing 12 projectiles per second. In the coming months, the developers want to make energy weapons more popular, so the Devotion machine gun is returning to the rotation, and the R-99 can only be obtained in supply capsules.

Everything about the sixth season of Apex Legends: hero, weapons, crafting, comics…

Perhaps with a new weapon, you won’t have to grieve over the R-99.


  • According to Pineda, the storyline experiment in the fifth season was very popular with the players, so the idea will be developed in the sixth season. Users will now unlock entire digital comics that reveal details about the Apex Legends universe. They are drawn by members of the publishing house Dark Horse, including illustrator Alessandro Miracolo (Alessandro Miracolo), and the team of scriptwriters of the game is responsible for the story.
  • Holosprays will appear among the cosmetic items – throw an item on the ground, and a bright image with some kind of inscription appears above it. The new Battle Pass will continue to offer several unique skins (the screenshots show Bangalore, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, and Octane), and there will be even more skins in upcoming LTMs.

Everything about the sixth season of Apex Legends: hero, weapons, crafting, comics…

The new look of the Bloodhound looks especially stylish.


  • The Nintendo Switch version, as previously reported, will release this fall. The transfer process is not called difficult, but long: you need to make sure that the game works well in both modes, supports gyroscope control, achieves the highest possible frame rate on a less powerful platform, and so on. Since cross-play will also be supported on the Switch, there are no major changes to be made to the game. The exact release date has yet to be announced.
  • Developers can’t talk about PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions right now. “If the audience moves to those platforms, we’d love to release the game on those platforms as well, but we don’t have anything to announce yet,” said project director Chad Grenier.

Everything about the sixth season of Apex Legends: hero, weapons, crafting, comics…

Probably the next hero will appear in the game already with the start of a new generation of consoles or with a release on Switch – seasons last about three months, so the sixth will end around mid-November.


The sixth season of Apex Legends looks interesting: there is a new character, and one more weapon will be added, and the map will change slightly. The most interesting thing will be to find out how much the loot crafting system will affect the gameplay – is it easier to collect materials to create the desired weapon in the printer, or is it better to look for loot on the ground and in containers. Yes, and the presence of each player EVO-armor can change the approach to collisions. The season has already started on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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