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April 07, 2020


The new part of Saints Row is planned to be announced this year – as Deep Silver reported last summer, the development of the game is in full swing. So that fans of the series do not get bored for too long, Saints Row: The Third Remastered, an updated version of the famous action movie about the Third Street Saints, will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 22. To expand on the remaster, Deep Silver and Koch Media invited members of the press to a special presentation featuring Deep Silver Volition Artistic Director Frank Marquart and Koch Media Lead Artistic Director Nikolai Stoyanov.Everything we learned about Saints Row: The Third Remastered

Violet and magenta hues have not gone anywhere in the remaster.

The return of a masterpiece

Why was the third part chosen? As the creators explain, among all Saints Row, The Third is the most popular and beloved by the players. During the presentation, Stoyanov repeatedly called it a masterpiece and added that the authors of the remaster also treated it the same way – they paid great attention to each component of the project. Therefore, the updated version will appeal to both a completely new audience and those who played the original nine years ago. By the way, the company Sperasoft is engaged in transferring the action movie to new platforms.

The developers did not want to just port the old game to new platforms by adding support for high resolutions. They sought to modernize the graphics and emphasize the recognizable art style of Saints Row: The Third in order to breathe new life into it. According to the authors, almost every element of the action movie has undergone a complete rework, and the remaster will look very decent on current-generation consoles and powerful PCs. “The mood, the atmosphere, the lighting – everything becomes more alive and captivates more than ever,” Markuart says.

Everything we learned about Saints Row: The Third Remastered

Look in the wrong direction – look at the reflections in the eyes!

Let there be light

In particular, Steelport will become more realistic thanks to global illumination and physically based rendering (PBR), as well as due to “amazing” volumetric rays and more convincing fog. “We took the original version of the game, took several screenshots at different times of the day and tried to add some features to each of them. Night trips with glowing car headlights, sunsets, sunrises – everything has become much more alive than before, ”says Stoyanov.

Background shading (ambient occlusion) has also been greatly improved, and at the same time the Screen Space Reflections (SSR) technology has been added, thanks to which reflections appeared on the surfaces of objects. It will be very easy to notice them in rainy weather, when there will be a lot more puddles on the roads than there were in the original. In this regard, the weather will now change more often.

Everything we learned about Saints Row: The Third Remastered

During the skirmishes, there will be no time to look at the puddles, but they make the city more realistic.

Motion blur has also been reworked, which may not have been to the liking of all players in Saints Row: The Third. “Flying and driving blur has been improved to be smoother and not annoying or obstructive. In general, flights have become more exciting, especially at night when you can see reflections in the windows of skyscrapers,” added the artistic director.

New but familiar

The advent of PBR and other modern technologies forced the creators to pay more attention to models. As a result, they didn’t just add high-resolution textures (all objects here have them) – often they had to be repainted due to the new lighting system, with which the old models no longer fit so well into the environment. “There are about 2,400 assets in the game, among them at least 200 are buildings and structures, 1,300 are various objects, about 50 or 60 are people. This is a very large-scale game, ”estimated Stoyanov.Everything we learned about Saints Row: The Third Remastered

With updated lighting and trees look better.

All the main characters have been redrawn from scratch – now they have high-poly models that look more realistic than before. According to Stoyanov, the appearance of high-quality textures on them would not change much, and the audience would not find significant improvements. The characters have become noticeably prettier (as an example, the image of Pierce was given, who really looks more like a man than in the original), but at the same time retained recognizable features.

They also decided to modify vehicles, making the previous models better due to additional polygons and details. The same with weapons – although the design of the guns remained the same, the models were made many times more realistic. The presentation showed a comparison of the 45 Shepherd pistols from the original and the remaster, and the second model is much more detailed and no longer resembles a light gun for the NES console.

Everything we learned about Saints Row: The Third Remastered

All types of vehicles and weapons have more details – when they “upgrade” the authors were inspired by real cars and guns.


One of the main features of Saints Row: The Third is the ability to create absolute chaos in the city, shooting in all directions with a rocket launcher and driving around in a tank. Therefore, it was necessary to pay attention to visual effects, most of which were reworked in the remaster. Improved lighting plays a big role here too – explosions are more convincing, they have more frames, flying sparks make what is happening brighter and more fun. Thanks to this, explosions now seem more destructive.

In the remaster, we can also expect busier streets with more pedestrians and cars. “You can walk through the streets of the city and see a traffic jam with dozens of cars. Shooting at some car with a rocket launcher and launching a chain of explosions – it looks very cool and will surely appeal to any Saints Row fan, ”added Stoyanov.

Everything we learned about Saints Row: The Third Remastered

Explosions are brighter, more beautiful and more spectacular – after all, you need to blow up something here all the time.


Otherwise, it will be the good old Saints Row: The Third – with the same fun missions, crazy cutscenes and colorful characters. The entire soundtrack will remain in place, and no lines have been re-recorded, so that familiar voices will not disappear. On consoles, the game will be played at 30 frames / s, and the developers are not ready to say anything about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X yet – the remaster is primarily created for existing platforms.

Of course, the updated version will include all released DLCs (there are about 30 of them), and it will still be possible to go through the story and just fool around in Steelport with a friend online. The remaster launches May 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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