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The protagonist will again find himself in an old monastic orphanage filled with many dangerous secrets. To find a way out of the insidious trap, the player must solve various puzzles without being caught by the evil guards. Properly using the available items, the guest will be able to successfully get out of the trap prepared for him and save the lives of innocent children.

Story line

The second part is a prequel to Evil Nun: Horror at School – now the hero will get acquainted with the history of the family of the nun Madeleine. To do this, the player will have to explore new premises, where not only pleasant finds await him, but also unexpected screamers. Found items can be added to the inventory and then used to complete the mission. As in the first part, artifacts can disappear from their usual places, which makes the game more fun.

The storyline of Evil Nun 2 branches off as you progress. Each action of the player affects the story, bringing the hero closer or further away from the good ending. A successful ending involves a successful escape from the shelter in one of the available ways. If a bad ending occurs, then the hero’s life ends in a cemetery. If desired, the user can always start the campaign again, taking other actions and receiving a well-deserved reward.

How to defeat enemies

A distinctive feature of the second part is the increased number of opponents. If in the original horror the hero fought only with an evil nun, now he will have to defeat her comrades-in-arms: mutant chickens and ghosts. They respond to any rustle, so the player needs to be as careful as possible, avoiding unnecessary noise. It is also worth remembering that opponents differ in impact strength and endurance, so it is not so easy to destroy them.

You can defeat the enemy in Evil Nan 2 with the help of special weapons. To do this, the gun must be crafted at a workbench using a blueprint and suitable artifacts. However, an active attack does not always help – in some cases it is better for the hero to hide in a secluded place (for example, under a bed). Hiding and attacking, the player will be able to avoid all dangers and successfully reach the exit.

Additional features

The gameplay of Evil Nun 2: Origins includes not only battles with enemies, but also numerous puzzles. Puzzles are located throughout the location: they differ in the level of difficulty and the degree of influence on the plot. Some quests are presented in the form of mini-games that add additional variety to the plot. Depending on the chosen style of passage, the set of available quests may vary.

Horror features also include convenient controls – it is easy to master even without instructions. The player uses a touch joystick to move around the classrooms; in addition, there are buttons on the screen, when pressed, the hero bends down or uses weapons. All this is complemented by an eerie atmosphere: it is created by frightening sounds, a terrifying soundtrack and gloomy scenery.

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