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In the center of the plot is the main character, who, having been hit on the head with a hammer, suddenly woke up in an abandoned shelter. Not understanding how he ended up here, the kidnapped young man begins to explore the surrounding area, not yet realizing how many dangers lurk among the empty rooms. His main task is to find a way out of the old building, which is completely controlled by the evil nun Madeleine.

Plot Features

At first glance, the game resembles classic quests, where the player needs to explore locations, complete missions and collect items. However, in Evil Nun: The Broken Mask, the user is expected not only by exciting puzzles, but also by a terrible nightmare named Sister Madeleine. The nun is ready to do anything not to miss her prey: she can change her appearance, pursue an unexpected guest and use terrible spells. The hero will have to try hard if he does not want to take a place in the cemetery.

The storyline of the game is one huge mystery. Firstly, the player does not fully know exactly what actions need to be performed in order to be free. Secondly, the horror has several different endings that the hero strives for throughout the passage. Thirdly, for fans of the Evil Nun series, their familiarity with the mobile version of the quest will not help in any way, because. the developers have complicated the plot, significantly changing its structure.

Gameplay Overview

An interesting story is accompanied by no less exciting first-person gameplay. The hero moves around the rooms, picks up the necessary items and artifacts, and then uses them to solve puzzles or to assemble weapons. Puzzles in Evil Nan: The Broken Mask are implemented in various formats: mini-games, ciphers, puzzles and much more. However, carried away by solving the mystery, one should not forget that the bloodthirsty owner of the shelter is constantly walking around the school.

Analogues for Android

At the moment, the horror Evil Nun: The Broken Mask cannot be installed on the phone. As a replacement, users can download the previous parts of the Evil Nun series for Android: Evil Nun 1 and Evil Nun 2.

Evil Nun: School Horror

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