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The continuation of the cult action movie, where players can once again engage in fighting and gunfights. You need to download Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia for android and you can enjoy a lively and amazing atmosphere. Many have been waiting for this action movie, and you will be satisfied with the storyline and huge opportunities. Immerse yourself in this crazy atmosphere and carry out the evolution of heroes. You will have to grow the best fighters of modern times at your base, and thanks to such a convenient gameplay, it will be very easy to get acquainted with the rules of the game. This is undoubtedly one of the best strategies of our time and it will give pleasure.

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia
 Codes (2022 December) 0.786.89714
All Codes Expiration date
1C0EJ4KAU2O October 30, 2022
TD6Z3E5HXP December 7, 2022
YOJIB3GQ6 October 22, 2022
A2M8VDJ5KC7 October 28, 2022
H9OY3BF8XKJ7 November 25, 2022
T30F2Q9EO6P November 7, 2022
A2DJVP6C7I4 October 20, 2022
AIBGQRC79P November 7, 2022
LBSHIQ9N7 November 2, 2022
0RDS2OUEGZF November 5, 2022
83TD7S9CM6WF November 13, 2022
8T3QR4PX2DM October 27, 2022

Try to download Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia for Android and feel the pleasure of such features:

  • A unique story company, which takes place in outer space;
  • Explosive seven action role-playing and shooter;
  • A huge number of various missions, tasks and additional quests;
  • Multiplayer mode of wars between players around the world;
  • Improved level development system and evolution of heroes;
  • 3D high quality image graphics with stunning animations.

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia – the continuation of the popular shooter The action of this gameplay will take place on a planet with the original name Utopia. Previously, the richest people from all over the world rested and had fun here, and now a war has begun, where monsters have come together in battle with people and even cyborgs. These will be the most insane and exciting wars in which you, as the main character of an action movie, will take part. Explore the area, pump the level of heroes and evolve further. The player will have access to a large-scale and innovative arsenal of weapons with superpowers. Thanks to the multiplayer mode, you can even find out the best among your friends.

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