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Imagine that you cut off the leg of a green jock-giant and, while he fell to the ground, miraculously dodged his ass in patched underpants. Next, you need to climb up the back, slippery with sweat, to the neck so that the head is off the shoulders. But here’s the bad luck – it brings you under the arm (only the crotch is worse, believe me). The ogre also cannot sit still: he swings his arms, screams heart-rendingly and twitches, so nothing comes out the first time. But, having hesitated, you become a witness of an almost Easter miracle: the monster’s severed leg grows back, the giant tries to get up and flatten the frail little man into a cake. This whole corps de ballet unfolds at a frantic pace, because you need to follow the timer, rescue civilians and the safety of their homes. Welcome to Extinction.

The roller is spinning – sales are muddled

Do you know how to dance a jig on the expectations of the players? A master class on the topic is given by the Iron Galaxy studio, world-famous for the PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight. We must promise a “deep story campaign”, “dynamic side missions” (dynamic side missions), “interactive environment” (interactive environment) and “studying the weaknesses of enemies in battles” (expose their weak points) – seriously , it’s all on the official website of the game. Who the hell can resist such a temptation? Right there, almost Shadow of the Colossus and God of War in one box!

Now watch your hands, because the developers keep their promises with the precision of Gunther O’Diam from “Hearts of Stone”. The story campaign in Extinction is really provided. From the backstory, it becomes clear that the giant ogres of Ravenii (Ravenii), along with small servants from jackals (Jackals), attacked the human kingdom of Dolorum and only the guard Avil is able to stop the invasion. The rest of the scenario, equally non-trivial, is divided into chapters: here you need to kill two giants, there already four, but here we are killing the giants and at the same time protecting the watchtowers. Do you feel how the spring of intrigue is twisting? No travels, feats lasting several hours, meetings with interesting characters, moral dilemmas, trade in prey with tight-fisted merchants and other pampering. Each piece of history is an arena where you need to fight from the first to the last second.

Extinction game review

The blade is charged with super strength – it remains to split the helmet and remove the head from the shoulders.

Moreover, the most interesting thing happens behind the scenes and is reported in the window with a line of text. “Avila, while you were jumping on the roofs and brandishing your sword, we understood how monsters enter our world.” Cool, I’ll go on jumping on rooftops and brandishing a sword. Good luck guys, I have an important plot twist here about saving 25 refugees in 6 minutes. What do you think of cartoon inserts styled after Disney films, but without the 9/10 sense and talent required for such a job? And just try to say that there is no story campaign in Extinction!

Secondary missions are, in fact, “challenges”, without which you can not unlock additional skills of the hero. For example, in addition to the main task, you are required to never die, decapitate an enemy who does not have both legs, save a certain number of inhabitants, or chop up such and such a number of jackals. We did it – excellent: the points earned can be spent on Avil jumping higher, hitting harder and saving civilians faster. Well, the health reserve is allowed to be increased – so that the hero dies not from one, but from two blows. This is what Iron Galaxy calls dynamic side missions. Why not, actually? Are we having a game-designer/scriptwriter contest here? Whoever thinks that trials cannot be missions, let them be the first to throw a stone at us!

The interactivity of the environment comes down to Avila’s ability to climb walls and opponents, break fences on the run with his belly and rush above the ground, clinging to the roofs of houses and tree branches with a whip – in Tarzan you can fly at least a few hundred meters. But to grab a cart and smash it on the head of some jackal will not work here. On the other hand, Ravenii are much more capable of destruction on an industrial scale – they destroy entire streets, leaving behind a wasteland in the spirit of Fallout. Given the graphics of Extinction, the scenes of the dismantling of buildings involuntarily evoke associations with Fortnite.

Extinction game review

Saving civilians always looks the same: run up to the obelisk and press E until the scale is full. And so – 100500 times!

At first, you expect something more from the declared “study of the weaknesses of the enemies”, although the vulnerable point for all giants, in general, is one – where the head connects to the body. However, the path to the monster’s neck depends on the type of armor it is wearing. Sometimes it’s enough to break the birch bark leggings and cut off the enemy’s leg, but to destroy the iron armor, you have to hammer on the locks holding them together – if one goes astray without problems, then four will make you tinker. But it’s still nothing compared to the burning skulls on bone armor. Some elements of protection cannot be destroyed at all, but a whip easily clings to them. These are, in a nutshell, the basics of tactics – that is, in the trailers, the developers showed everything you need to know about the game. Amazing honesty – a mosquito will not undermine the nose.

The case is rubbish, but there is a nuance

To appear larger, Extinction puffs out its cheeks, although its design, music, script, and even the hero are united by only one definition – generic, or, in our opinion, consumer goods. This, of course, spoils the impression. It’s a pity, because the game is based on a wonderful and time-tested idea of ​​​​phasing out giants. And the dynamism did not let us down: the pace here is simply furious, so in pursuit of additional rewards, you will voice euphemisms from the field of sexual life more than once or twice.

Making decisions on the fly can be really exciting. It’s better for this ogre to cut off his hand, because, falling, he likes to slap his knees, we jump from a tree or the roof of a building, clinging to the enemy’s belt with a whip, since his legs are securely protected. And here is a giant in a helmet with a lock on his forehead: to decapitate such a one, you need to climb up the back, push off from the scruff of the neck and turn in the direction of the fanged muzzle in flight, hoping that the target of the blow will fall into the focus of the camera. Dozens of similar situations are generated, and, frankly, they are the only ones that keep you at the monitor. Because when the authors try to diversify the gameplay, as, for example, in the task of rescuing engineers, the action becomes completely unbearable. There would be a cooperative mode and at least some kind of direction with musical accents and epic scenes of the death of Ravenia – otherwise it’s like chopping pine blocks. How so, Iron Galaxy?

Extinction game review

Folk wisdom says: the more ogre limbs you cut off, the better!

As much as Extinction tries to emulate Shadow of the Colossus in gameplay and Darksiders in visuals, it lags just as far behind both the former and the latter in quality. Unprecedented polymer pumping. The game is unlikely to hook a fan of slashers, but a gamer who wants to kill 20-30 minutes a day will come in handy. In this regard, it is even surprising that it comes out on three “big” platforms – PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – and not on smartphones, where it would have been much more successful as entertainment on the way home or to work.

Pluses: the authors quote the classics, which is commendable; dynamic action requires skill; good (and not like in Batman: Arkham Knight) optimization on PC.

Cons: script, design, music – second-rate; there is not even a hint of adventure – only a massacre with acrobatics in monotonous arenas; template development of hero skills; the authors wishful thinking, calling a set of arenas the chapters of the plot, and “challenges” – missions.

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