APK - Updated on January 23, 2023

Another chance for the game trash collection to overflow. Extreme Car Simulator 2016 is a simulator, but it’s hard to say what, because there seem to be racing cars here, and there are even tracks, but the roads run into mountains or buildings, there are jumps that lead nowhere, and stand like this, that it is impossible to perform a trick on them. There are even other players or a player here, whenever. But its purpose in this game is not clear, because it jumps out of nowhere and starts stubbornly ramming your car.

Extreme Car Simulator 2016  MOD APK (No Ads) 1.6

Unlike games that simply have no purpose or meaning, and which can be called “play for the sake of the game”, there is nothing in this simulator that can keep a person. There are no incredibly realistic physics and finely crafted models. There are no fancy graphics that could explain the system requirements. There is nothing here that can make a game a game. There is only a stingy set of cars, and the most obscure maps.

This game can be downloaded to see for yourself that there is no limit to both perfection and reverse development. You can always cook up a mess, but that doesn’t mean that it will always go to the masses. Therefore, I would like such developers to have less desire to create, and more desire to do other useful things.

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