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How do you like the role of a squire? We recommend that you try playing the exciting arcade app ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant, where you will feel like a brave squire. Agree, each hero could not win the battles without a faithful assistant, because weapons cannot be carried in your pocket and a squire will help a lot here. Just in the game ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant, this is clearly seen. Only here you will not be a hero, but precisely the same squire for whom the warrior is responsible in battles against evil creatures.

Extreme Jobs: Knight’s Assistant Codes 3.50
List of Codes Expiration date
QAO2BHZLWPF August 28, 2022
NALKXTGYE9 August 20, 2022
8IPRKEAC2 August 19, 2022
KDASZR8F5O0 September 22, 2022
2KC3YAIU81OL September 10, 2022
DU4HF3K9B6C August 30, 2022

Your task is to fight enemies and help your brave hero collect all resources from defeated opponents (wood, metal and stones). In order for the squire to have strength, do not forget to give him a special potion to drink more often. If it seems to you that in the game you need to click often, then this is not far from the case. There will be clicks only after level 50, and before that, your job is to collect resources and watch the enemies and the hero. The collected resources will allow you to upgrade the hero. For the killed boss, you will be dripping spheres on which you can make various improvements. Also, for some achievements in the application, you can get a fairy that helps you mine gold and bomb enemies.

The characteristics of the game are very worthy. Here are simple controls, well-designed graphics, funny enemies, good animation and excellent gameplay optimization. In addition, the dynamic soundtrack pleases. So download the ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant app and have a great time helping the hero!

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