Codes New - Updated on November 18, 2022

Fail Run is an unusual mobile game in which you have to learn how to walk in a new way. Try to pass as many levels as possible without tripping, and when you become completely confident in yourself, run to the finish line. Take your big step into the world of crazy apps, open all the outfits for the characters and just enjoy an interesting and very fun game.

Fail run
 Codes 2022 November 1.4.8
All Codes Expiration date
5S0IJXO8PK1 December 25, 2022
L8I2YQH6GW November 19, 2022
YU13A05X2 December 20, 2022
JSAWK7VZ1HN December 19, 2022
60L2HCKJ9SOE November 28, 2022
QDUI0ZS31A9 December 26, 2022
TBG9C0QMUSN November 23, 2022
6MACB05EVO January 3, 2023
X24A01TKQ December 26, 2022
IPO16SA9DQ3 January 3, 2023
VOBGZPX2L8HW December 13, 2022
P4DBM3XU0N6 January 13, 2023

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