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Fairy Awaken – Action MMORPG is a mobile multiplayer role-playing game about life in a fantastic universe of swords and magic. Amazing creatures lived here, and terrible monsters lived in the depths of the dungeons that never came to the surface. The gameplay is quite simple – first, you need to create a character, configure its external parameters, choose a class and perform the first quests. The most important thing is to constantly level up your character to improve physical characteristics and learn new spells or skills for upcoming battles.

Fairy Awaken

The plot of the action game Fairy Awaken takes place in a fantasy world where people live in the middle ages with real magic and magic. One day, a global threat stalks the country – The Ancient Evil has awakened from a long slumber and is ready to destroy humanity with the help of an army of demons. Heroes begin to appear to fight monsters – unusual adventurers become stronger with each battle won. They embark on a long journey through magical lands to find the Dark Lord and put an end to his evil deeds.

In addition to exploring the usual open world and battling enemies, you can take territory, build houses, and even start your farm. Communication with other players is done via texting or voice chat, and there is also a unique opportunity to create a family – two players can enter into a marriage alliance with consequences Later. Everyone will find something to their liking, and the most successful will leave their name in the history of the game.

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