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In the games of the Dark Souls series and its numerous clones (the number of which seems to exceed reasonable limits lately), as you know, it is dark, gloomy, painful and masculine – fragile fair-haired girls, in theory, have no place there. But in Fall of Light, an Italian variation on the theme, the main character, a stern man in armor, periodically takes his daughter by the hand and literally leads her through the darkness. For me, as the father of an eight-year-old girl, this touching detail, of course, found a special response. But you can’t relax and become limp here – they kill very quickly in Fall of Light.Fall of Light game review

Here’s an example of a local camera in action.

The place where the light

The protagonist’s daughter brings not only light, but also her own zest to the world of Fall of Light, which is otherwise quite standard. Say, at first there was Darkness and a howling void, then a certain Lucia pierced it with her rays, the era of people, warmth and prosperity has come, and now the Darkness has returned, everything is very bad, blah blah blah …

But the goal of the elderly warrior Nyx, for whom we play, is not just to heroically defeat Evil and return the world, but to lead his daughter Efira to the last place on earth where it is still light. And along the way, you need to find three special artifacts so that the girl absorbs them.

The fact is that she is actually the last hope and the only ray of light in the kingdom of darkness. Moreover, this is expressed literally – Ether glows and, when she is near, makes infinitely gloomy dungeons, temples, ruins, forests and streets of plague cities through which Nyx passes with a fight a little lighter.

Protect her, your daughter!

The presence of the second character brought its own characteristics to the usual mechanics. We save, as expected, only at special altars, we are reborn in the same place in case of death (and all enemies in the location are reborn with us) and there we “pump” the level of health if we have accumulated enough souls of defeated opponents. But in order to survive and “pump”, Ether must be present nearby. But the girl is not immortal.

When her father starts to fight, she, of course, runs away and sits down on her knees in fear, covering her head with her hands, but the enemies may well hit her with a sword. She will die even if her father dies. In this case, after the revival, you have to run to look for the ashes and resurrect your daughter, otherwise you will not be saved on the next altar. If Nyx was killed several times along the way, then Aether will generally be moved to a cage under guard.

Fall of Light game review

What-what, and the special effects in the game even look good.

You can sit down by rare fires and leave the girl there to sit on the sidelines while you swing your sword, but if you get carried away and leave it for too long, or if Nyx is chopped to pieces, then she will be killed or kidnapped again.

In addition, some puzzles are built on interaction with Ether. The simplest example is to order her to stand on one slab, and to step on another to open the door. Or run forward and press the lever to remove the obstacle in the way of the daughter (for some reason she herself cannot go around it on the stairs).

“Dad can do anything!”

Otherwise, Fall of Light is a fairly familiar and understandable clone of Dark Souls, only in isometry. The combat system is simple only in words – a somersault as an evasion, a block, a normal and a strong blow, and all this wastes energy. But the enemies are powerful, and stamina runs out very quickly. Sitting all the time in the block will not work either – the “stamina” in this case is restored very slowly. Therefore, you have to very accurately calculate the time for your attack or for interrupting the enemy, for blocking and dodging.

Well, as expected, you need to adapt to different types of enemies. Against spearmen with shields, for example, it is almost useless to swing with one-handed weapons – they need to be demolished with two blows with a halberd or some kind of bastrad sword. But against fast opponents with daggers, it is better to use a block with a shield and sharp, quick blows with some kind of one-handed mace. The same with the “bosses”, which, in addition to huge swords, can also bring down a fiery tornado from heaven.

Interestingly, each of the dozen types of weapons that we find in different chests and stashes differ not only in speed, damage radius and stamina cost per hit, but also in special effects: one can knock you down, another can stun, the third can cause bleeding etc. Moreover, switching between them in battle is allowed only through inventory.

In addition to various enemies, numerous traps also pose a threat. Although sometimes they can be used for their own benefit, luring, for example, a fat “boss” under a circular saw.

Fall of Light game review

There are a lot of “bosses” in the game, but some can be killed literally with three hits in time.

Stuck in a fight

In general, surviving in Fall of Light is not easy. And the need to constantly run to revive the daughter or pull her out of the cage at the other end of the map in order to be able to save and “pump” on the altar complicates the game even more.

Often, the amulet of Shadows, which Nyx has, helps out a lot – with its help, they allow you to heal or temporarily increase your power by taking on a different form. But the charges of the amulet are limited – you need to increase their number and “pump” the artifact with the help of special items that can be found on the levels.

Sometimes a lantern also helps – you need to use it to light the way or, for example, burn the web that interferes with passing.

And everything would be fine, but we still have problems with those things that it would be better to avoid. This is not the most responsive control (rolls, for example, are often made with a delay), and the camera, which sometimes takes such angles that it is almost impossible to navigate what is happening, where it is already very dark.

In addition, often in the midst of a battle, when every second counts and every step is calculated, the hero gets stuck in the environment, especially on the stairs. Well, in general, from a technical point of view, Fall of Light is far from perfect – the game looks scary, not only because it is dark, it hurts and death is around. Textures seem plastic, and our Nyx moves among them with the grace of an iron.

Fall of Light game review

With death and decay, as you can see, everything is in perfect order here.


Despite technical flaws and not the most pleasant graphics, Fall of Light still deserves the attention of all connoisseurs of hardcore action games, where death is not the end, but only the beginning of learning how to defeat the next “boss”. The combat system here is quite competent and detailed, there are a lot of weapons with their own characteristics, and you often have to die – sadomasochists who ruined a cloud of hours for the Dark Souls series will catch their buzz. The need to protect the daughter of the protagonist and interact with her, perhaps, will give a new, unusual experience.

Pros: high complexity; good combat system; an abundance of different weapons and opponents with their own characteristics; interesting mechanics of interaction with the daughter of the protagonist; dark, well-seasoned atmosphere.

Cons: banal plot; scary graphics; not the most responsive control and not always a convenient camera; no multiplayer.

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