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Fall of the Vampires: The Beginning is a quest story about the most mysterious races and creatures. Enjoy a huge number of tasks and levels, where you can freely choose the future path of the hero.

Fall of the Vampires: The Beginning Gift Codes (September 2022) 1.16.212
List of Gift Codes (September 2022)Expiration date
2E3LBTVR5PIOctober 3, 2022
XO4UASPH6ZOctober 21, 2022
3Z1TVMA2POctober 4, 2022
O7Z4Q013SKCOctober 3, 2022
OCQM0Z2EDXLWNovember 20, 2022
7MXW0IFV8LUOctober 11, 2022

While the inhabitants of one town were enjoying a calm and measured life, blood-drinking creatures slowly invaded their happiness. Now you have to defend this village and fight against serious enemies. Gather your warriors and prepare them for battles in the Fall of Vampires: Origins, which breathes fantastic. The 2D game will require you to use a personal strategy, and a completely open world with RPG elements gives you a chance to decide. Everyone can become a hero, but for this you need to be very smart.

Fantastic quests RPG

Embark on this huge and full of freedom of action world. A lot of different items and weapons are available to equip the character and improve it. Fight in the most exciting tactical battles and progress through the story campaign. Chat with heroes and enemies, and choose what to answer. You can switch to Fall of the Vampires Origins to real-time game mode to challenge your friend. At the moment, more than a hundred different types of weapons have been collected to continue the story.

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