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The eighth major update for Fallout 76, called Steel Reign, will be released today. It will complete the storyline about the Brotherhood of Steel, the first part of which became available back in November last year. We spoke with Project Development Lead Jeff Gardiner and Design Director Mark Tucker about what to expect from the update.

About the plot and choice

In Steel Reign, the conflict between the paladin Rahmani and the knight Shin will continue. Even in Steel Dawn, we could take sides, deciding whose vision of the future of the Brotherhood of Steel is closer to us, but then the consequences of our choice were not noticed. This time, according to Tucker, non-linearity will still appear.

Many of the decisions you made in Steel Dawn carry over here, and we’ve added even more decision-making options. I will do without spoilers, but in the final you will have to make a rather difficult choice. It’s not always obvious which of your actions affect something, but the dialogue options will depend on your relationship with certain characters.

Mark Tucker, Director of Design

All about Fallout 76: Steel Reign - difficult decisions and the creation of

As you progress, you will visit several old locations that have been expanded. Among them are Extraordinary Caves, West-Tech Research, AMC Headquarters and others. The developers did not specify how many new “points of interest” will be on the map, but they said that in Appalachia they will mainly be engaged in increasing existing attractions – for example, adding nrooms or buildings.

Not so long ago, we announced an update that will send players on an expedition to the city of Pitt. The reason for this is that, despite the large size of the main map, we have reached the limit on it. Therefore, we decided to release users outside of Appalachia in the future.

Jeff Gardiner, Development Lead

All about Fallout 76: Steel Reign - difficult decisions and the creation of

About innovations

Steel Reign will offer several innovations. First, there will be a new merchant, Minerva. She sells all kinds of schemes and recipes, setting a discount on them. Among her goods, there are many schemes already available in the game, but not always all existing items will be available – the assortment is constantly changing. Therefore, the rest of the merchants will not become useless, and there will be an incentive to participate in daily operations – the number of possible prizes in them will increase.

The second innovation is the crafting of legendary items, which the Fallout 76 audience has been asking developers for a long time. The player can take any element of armor (including power) or any weapon and install legendary modules on it. Initially, this system was introduced so that users had to rely less on luck and they could focus on improving a particular item.

All about Fallout 76: Steel Reign - difficult decisions and the creation of

However, the players who tried all this on the test servers were very unhappy – it took an extremely long time to modify the thing at least somehow. The developers recognized the imperfection of the system and made big changes to it. Take, for example, the legendary cores needed for crafting – earlier they differed in levels and, depending on their quality, items with one, two or three stars were obtained. Obviously, people are more eager to have weapons and armor with three stars, so the rest of the cores were lying around in the inventory idle. But this will not happen again – now all the cores are the same, they just need more for high-quality modifications.

The authors paid great attention to the balance, determining for what and in what quantities the cores should fall out to the players. For example, certain public events are very profitable. For participation in any event (as well as in daily operations) you will receive cores, but some events will bring more bonuses than usual. These include more complex ones and those that require a lot of time.

We think we have reached a good balance. We still want to make sure that the process of obtaining cores is not too easy, so that players put in the effort to get them. At the same time, we have proven that we listen to the fans and are ready to make big changes based on audience feedback.

Mark Tucker, Director of Design

All about Fallout 76: Steel Reign - difficult decisions and the creation of

Some legendary parameters were already in the game, and some will be new. For example, you can increase the damage dealt depending on the number of caps in your inventory – for 29 thousand caps you will increase it by as much as 50%. Or the damage received by the character will decrease as the scales of hunger and thirst fill up. There are many interesting options, and almost all of them significantly affect the gameplay.

Along with the release of Steel Reign, the fifth season will begin in the game, and with it there will be new rewards that will be given out on the way to the hundredth level. Showcases for power armor, skins for it and for weapons, items for CAMP (washer and dryer), a collector looking for spare parts – there are a lot of prizes. In addition, after the hundredth level, you will be able to continue pumping by participating in special tests and earning sets of ability cards, components for making “legendaries”, atoms, consumables and other gifts.

Fallout 76 is alive and well – the game receives regular updates, and after Steel Reign, a lot of interesting things are planned. As Gardiner said, he is most interested in the reaction of the audience to the summer update – all that is known about it is that it will be “a new milestone in the evolution of closed worlds.” And in the winter, four-star legendary items and pets for CAMP will be introduced into the project. In the meantime, you need to decide the fate of the Brotherhood of Steel – the Steel Reign update comes out today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is available to Fallout 76 owners for free.

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