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The Family Farm Seaside game is considered one of the most popular in the world. Farming games have become very popular among users for a long time, but thanks to high-quality design, an exciting storyline and easy controls, Family Farm has quickly gained a leading position.

Family Farm Seaside Codes (2022 December) 7.5.100
List of Codes Expiration date
VHW9NXKT4RB August 17, 2022
HWLJ73ST2M September 4, 2022
QXG06R1ZK September 2, 2022
4F9SKAWEHUG July 30, 2022
S0WC8JKZD9IN September 3, 2022
FOM49SJTG6X July 23, 2022

The game is absolutely free and does not require downloading additional paid content. Now the number of users playing Family Farm is more than 50 million.

In the game you will find many pets, a spacious barn for storing manufactured products, and a huge selection of plants. They never wither, and with skillful cultivation, they will bring you profit.

In addition, you can build as many as two farms: one on the seashore, and the second on the island. The main thing is to succeed at the initial levels and collect enough money and experience to continue the game.

As you progress and gain gaming experience, you will be able to grow more and more new plants, build useful production buildings and regularly receive achievements for which bonuses will be awarded to you.

The game is global, so you can easily compete with players from all over the world online.

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