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Everyone loves cats, and some are just crazy about them. You will enjoy downloading Fancy Cats – Puzzle Kitties for Android even more, because in this game the main characters are just these fluffy mischief-makers. They all live in a beautiful garden and are friends with each other. It should be noted that these pets are quite fashionable and all follow new trends. In total, the game features more than 35 cat breeds that can surprise and evoke wonderful feelings. Each of these mustachioed pets has unique abilities, thanks to which they reveal individual character traits in their own way. Try to learn as much as you can about them to match each one. The player who was able to download Fancy Cats – Puzzle Kitties for Android will have to give each inhabitant of his garden a name, it will be nice if it is cute and sonorous. They constantly want to eat, which means that you should never forget to feed them. These playful kittens cannot live without entertainment and games, so play with them more often. The most important feature of the game is in outfits that you can surprise your pet. They can be dressed up as any superhero, such as Batman or the Hulk, turn a cutie into a fashionable rapper, and many other equally cool outfits have been collected in the game.
For all the cat lovers out there, teach your cats tricks that will bring you admiration. Teach them to do somersaults and play lots of mini-games. What’s more, the player will be able to turn into a cat fashion designer on their own and use their imagination and creativity to create amazing costumes. Then they can safely send cats to the performance. Take pictures of these cute fluffy fashionistas and share with your friends. The whole world will be able to see your collection. Become a master of reincarnation for them and thereby please yourself with the game.

Fancy Cats – Puzzle & Kitties
  MOD APK (No Ads) 2022.21

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